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    To Employers with the Mobile business:
    When the client has been confirmed and your employee takes the mobile salon out to groom the dogs and they are a no show, do you pay them for their time? I pay them and I have a no show policy. Most of the no show's are regular re-books and I find it hard to charge them. Any words of advice? Thanks a ton.

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    When I had a mobile employee (I no longer do) and the client was a no-show I paid them. My view is that employees should not be subject to business risks that are beyond their control. I know it is difficult to want to enforce a no show policy with regulars (I rarely do) but you have to decide how much revenue you are willing to forego. Part of my criteria for doing so is how understanding they are on the rare occasions where I need to reschedule them.


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      There is a lot to consider here: First you must always pay AT LEAST minimum wage whether the client is there or not. Since my groomers make waaaayyyy over Minimum wage and their tips are equal to minimum wage then NO, I don't pay them. We do have a no-show policy and if I actually collect the money then they do get paid on the amount collected.

      Let me say, I LOVE my groomers and believe they love me. I try to be a good and fair boss so sometimes we each have to give. Over the years I have discovered a few things: you may get an employee (or 2 or 25 :-) that are quite so honest. If you begin paying them for no one showing then you may discover that a lot of people "don't show". You may find that the groomer allows no leeway for a client being 30 seconds late if you are going to pay them regardless of them actually grooming.

      If you create a "confirmation" plan (email reminders or calls the night before) you will lower the number of no-shows tremendously.

      I hope this helps- I do have a small fleet of mobiles and have had my mobile employees since 2006.


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        I would, but it's no where close to what she would make if she groomed the dog. Luckily, she hasn't had it happen yet, though she did drive all the way to my house and while getting ready to leave the client called and cancelled. I still paid her at least for the gas she used driving to my house. It was more for her inconvenience and it wasn't a huge amount, but it was appreciated by her and she is a great employee and groomer and I just thought it was the right thing to do. I think you have to evaluate your own employees and the situations as well. I don't think I would pay the full commission as if they had they groomed the pet, since I don't even charge that for a no show. It's an interesting question though.
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          No Shows

          I have very, very few of them. I do confirm appts that have booked well in advance as a reminder. In my 4 years being mobile...I have only had 4 no shows and 3 of the 4 were very apologetic and readily paid the trip fee for the missed appt on the next appt. Strangely I just had one that "disappeared" on me. I now have brochures that list a $45.00 no show fee for any appts that were confirmed and yet missed. It just never happens anymore. It takes only a minute to make that reminder call or even a text message.