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  • Inverter/converter

    I know someone knows the difference, but i sure don't. I have a generator in a 2000 wagon tails, and in the back is a small inverter. Everything runs off my van battery. So when it kept draining my battery and the van and generator went down when i started the van, the rv/generator guy said in was the inverter. He replaced it but this one looks different, it is bigger and has vents (sucking in air and hair or blowing it out?????. While i was waiting for it to arrive, he let me use a spare that he had and it was a huge rv convertor. Not sure if this new one (an iota) same as my old one, is invertor or converter. Have had no problems (so far) but would love to know what the difference is. Spent a fortune for it and a new water pump with more pressure. The labor these guys charge is ridiculous. Half of my bill was labor!!!!!!!!!!! All i know is that it has to run the water pump and the exhaust fan. Both times it went down, the exhaust fan was on. Scared to use it anymore. Quite the nightmare to go to start the van, and it won't start and the gene dies. So now you are sitting in a clients driveway with no van or gene. I try not to park in driveways now. Any imput????
    My bussiness is really good, and love it. But getting really frustrated with all this mechanical stuff.

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    So you had an inverter on a 2000 wagntails van and it was draining your car battery?
    Now its been replaced with perhaps a modern one?

    What you stated is one of my fears - draining the car battery.
    Second is price.
    Third is , do I need it really? I am figuring the numbers out with guesstimations and it doesn't appear to save me overall.

    Not to hijack your thread but I reading your post and wondering if I should not bother with it.

    I began another post similar a few days ago.


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      Call Jamie at Wagntails. I didn't know they used invertors. There are a couple of batteries, one under the van for the gene to start and one above to run the fans and only a few other things. My battery under the van went bad and the gene wouldn't start. It is a Marine battery and I replaced it for a couple hundred dollars myself. Good luck.


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        no battery in gene

        The problem is, i have no battery in this generac. Everything runs off the van. The rv gene guy says it is ok. But i still have to wonder. I might have him install one under the van for the gene. Another$$$$$$ have to build a bracket and everything.


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          Puppy Care

          No it's not an's a converter like a battery charger to run all your 12 volt items of the gen. They are all exspensive.
          Some gens have a 12 volt plug connecter also but no one ues them. Not sure why that is. Your 2 volt converter can also charge up a 12 volt starter battery for the generator if you have one just for the gen.