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    Which software are most of you using for your business? What are the advantages/disadvantages of the one you are using. I'm soooo tired of doing everything manually, but I've heard so many pros and cons about the different packages that I'm not sure which one to purchase. Help !!

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    123 Pet

    I used to have Write-Hand Groomer, didn't like it as it would lose information (history) at random. I now have 123 Pet and love it. It is easy, customer service was great when I had a problem. I am only a one person shop, but I know the 123 Pet can do payroll, commision, tips, etc. It even has the option for credit cards and on-line scheduling. I highly recommend this program.
    Lisa VanVleet, RVT


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      I just but 123 and its really nice. I'm still inputting info but its really nice. I schedule myself the hours I want to work and now I don't over book. Its really great


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        123pet also has the option of automatic e-mail reminders! I never had no-shows after I started doing the email reminders!


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          Pet 123 and 25% off til 5/7/2010

          We are in the process of assessing Pet123.

          Overall it's a good program but there are some gotchas.

          1. The credit card processing option only works with their Credit Card Processing machine and program.
          2. The online booking I find is useless compared to the program we currently use.
          The 123 Online booking just downloads booked appointments which do not read the current appointments. Therefore, you'll have to reject appointments after you download them and see if that time is already books.

          WE use which is awesome! And it's like $10 a month! It only shows appointment times that are 'open', and lets you books times not available, days off, etc... It also integrates into you current website.

          3. The online portion of this system is really quite ugly - IMHO :> You can modify lots of aspects of it if you're tech savvy, but it's not worth it to me.

          4. The appointment confirmations come from which might be a little confusing.

          5. There's no way to see the client names and pet names in one report. Say you were trying to call customers and wanted to say, "Hi Lisa, I'm calling about Mookie...." it's not easy to get that info in one place.

          All in all, I like the program and it's on sale right now til 5/7


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            In the very first shop I worked in I use Kennel Connection, I loved it. The other shops I worked in didn't use a computer. Once I went mobile I haven't been able to afford it just yet. Last yr I tested out a few. I liked Petlinx, it was alot like what I remembered of Kennel Connection. I haven't decided if I will go with the full Kennel Connection for mobile or the Lite one or Petlinx. I didn't care for 123 Pet. I've heard alot of people like it though.

            The Soapy Puppy


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              I use Google Apps, not specifically made for groomers but for scheduling multiple people or vans. I love it. They don't send reminders though. They used to but removed that feature because different clients complained that it was to much spam. I a;sp have all of my contacts on it and it syncs up with my phone. So everything I put on my calendar goes right to my Palm Pre. This eliminated the need for a computer in my mobile salon. I have everything on my phone. I even get my emails. Thank goodness for husbands who are IT people.