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    Pesticide free flea dips and shampoos. Like nature's specialties citrus dip? Have any of you used this? Does it actually kill fleas? What do you use? Thanks for your input!!!

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    I haven't used a dip in years. But just a heads up; the citrus dip you mentioned is NOT pesticide free. The active ingredient is D-limonene. It may be natural (derived from citrus peel) but it's still a pesticide. I've used shampoos that contain the stuff, and after the bath I can taste that stuff for hours. It absorbs through your skin.

    Don't be fooled. "Natural" does not mean safe, nontoxic, or that it's not a pesticide.


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      Don't know about those brands, but the Show Seasons natural line has a product called Flee, it's a spray and boy, it works really well!
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        i would stay away from any dip. i would use either ez groom medi flea or bark to basics citrus flea shampoo and then recommend to the owner a frontline or advantix or something because all the dip and/or bath is going to do is kill what is on the dog at the moment, and if there are fleas in its bedding or at home it will become reinfested. with a spot on it will kill whatever jumps on for a month.


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          I’ve had several dogs that their owners did not know had fleas……I washed them with my supersudser, and a good, rich, lathered shampoo and it killed the fleas. I don’t know if they smothered, but they were laying all over the tub’s floor, deader than a doorknob !!
          When I HV’ed the dogs, there were no live critters hanging on……….. If I know they are infested, I use a flea shampoo, however, I’ve been drawn to the conclusion that ordinary shampoo does a pretty good job at killing those little beasts too !

          Happy killing those little critters

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            Does anyone still use dip??

            There is no reason to use a dip. There are so many other products today.

            I don't even like to use flea shampoo, personally. I use Capstar, but have found that normal shampoo will often kill or stun fleas enough that they blow off. However, I don't see that many dogs with a lot of fleas; if I did, I would use flea shampoo, I suppose.

            And I don't expect to see many dogs with fleas, since I tell owners that if the dog has fleas I don't want them in my salon.... too many products today to have to put up with that.


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              There are good and bad dips and shampoos. Most of us visualize a dip to be equal to a carcinogenic. However, there are many healthy dips now-a-days, my favorite is Laube's that is made from Grapefruit seed extract and smells YUMMY and works! I use stampede from Laube as my flea shampoo but the secret is DON'T WET THE DOG FIRST :-)


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                I use Richards Organics Flee/tick shampoo and spray, it works better than any chemical I've used


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                  Haven't used dips in years. I used to use the Natures Specialties. It leaves a bit of a film, I don't like the way it smells and it is NOT SAFE FOR CATS!!! Now I just put a few drops of peppermint essential oil (also not cat friendly) in my shampoo and it works great. Flea control is better left to a dogs human companion, not us. I do not guarantee flea repelling for even one second.


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                    Thank you

                    for your input. I appreciate your different points of view!!!!


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                      Has anyone ever heard of using lemon juice or citrus dish soap?
                      Someone told me about this. But leary about ussing it.


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                        ive never heard of those but have heard of using brewers yeast. never used it personally but maybe research into it? ive heard it works better than frontline and advantix but like i said never used it.


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                          Originally posted by PUPPY CARE View Post
                          Has anyone ever heard of using lemon juice or citrus dish soap?
                          Someone told me about this. But leary about ussing it.

                          I would be very leery of putting lemon juice on a clients pet (or my own!). It's citric so it can burn or irritate the skin. I used to use d'limonade dips years ago, but even though they were (supposedly) safer than other dips, I was very cautious w/them because they could easily iirritate skin.

                          Easy way to kill fleas is to lather the pet up in any of your shampoos (don't dilute to much w/water) w/out wetting them first. Let them sit for 10-15 minutes and the fleas will suffocate and die.

                          There are so many safer solutions out there now than using dips which are not only potentially hazardous to the pets, but to the groomers who are applying them.

                          Gracey Rose, I haven't tried the dip that you mention. Do you use it just to kill fleas, or do you also use it as a finish rinse on stinky dogs?
                          SheilaB from SC


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                            Sheila- it is strictly a dip, it is called DP64 or something like that (I am too lazy to go out to the van and look). It is only a pest killer and not a final rinse as these more natural dips do leave a residue and I find a good clarifying shampoo afterwards does the trick.


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                              What about Cats

                              If D-limonene is not safe for cats then what does everyone use for the kitties?