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  • OMG: It works, it works

    My son is home from Haiti (he is in the army). He came up today and put in my new charger. Water pump works (no more water in jugs). Ceiling lights work. But when he flipped the switch for the water heater, smoke started pouring; it was wired directly to the battery and there was a short; wires melted, a hole melted in the battery. Had to go get a new battery and rewire the dadburn thing to one of the 12 v breakers like it should have been in the first place; don't know what nimrod wired it directly to the battery.
    Can hardly wait to go to my two appointments tomorrow and not have to plug in or carry out gallons of warm water to my van to pour over the dogs to bathe them.
    WooHoo, back from the dark ages, and just in time. I have a new G.Shep tomorrow. I don't do large dogs, but it is only 45 lbs (or so they claim), and I need the money to pay for the new battery.

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    I did the haul in jugs of water at one point when the Chinook was first put into service. The HW tank was in need of replacing! I'd haul out HOT and I mean HOT water in jugs, then wrap them in my towles for the day. It worked OK, but was a pain. I also had to haul HW jugs in the LeSharo as it had the engine heat style HW tank, it worked fine in AZ, but it was just too cold up here.

    I'm really liking my propane HW tank, and my next project we'll probably do the same. My next project is getting close, but that's for later.


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      I have propane HW; he rewired it this morning and now I have hot, running water. Gonna go bathe a couple of dogs, now.
      WooHOO. self contained at last.
      Woo HOO.
      It takes so little to make an old lady happy.


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        Wow, everything worked perfectly today; air conditioner; water heater, water pump, vacuum cleaner.
        So Happy.