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    I have been getting dogs with green paws because its yard cutting season. What have you all found is the best way to get the green out of their hair? I have been using whitening shampoo at full strength and letting it set for about 5 minutes and usually by the time I do that and do the bath and trimming off any length of hair its better, but not great. Usually the green is gone and what I end up with is a very faint yellow/tan looking hair. Is there any tips, products or suggestions you all know of that has wowed your customers?


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    I haven't found anything that works yet, I would sure like to know if there is something out there that will work. I have show dogs, and I doubt that the judges will find the green bracelets on my Lowchen as amusing as I do. I do find that the green does not last long.



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      I don't know if this would work, but I have 2 french bulldogs who have the run of their dad's business and always get motor grease on their backs. I was having a hard time getting the grease off and decided try Mane & Tail. I figured if it could clean a horse, it could clean two little dirty french bulldogs. They get bathed bi-weekly, so using a harsh shampoo was not an option, as they have tender skin,,,giggles. Anyhoo, I use M & T to get the dirt & grease off, then use a whitener and follow up with a spritz of SS detangler. They get so darn white & shiney you need sunglasses,,,then of course then they run right out and get dirty again,,,,lol


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        Before you get them wet try scrubbing full strength degreasing shampoo into their feet and see if that helps. I know grass isn't greasy but the degreasers are typically the strongest cleansing shampoos we have in our arsenals.
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          Originally posted by celebpet View Post
          I have been getting dogs with green paws because its yard cutting season. What have you all found is the best way to get the green out of their hair?
          Cut it off?

          Seriously though, I'd give the old MOM mixture a try and see if that would work. Mix equal parts milk of magnesia, 20 volume peroxide, and enough corn starch to make a paste. Apply to dry hair and let it set at least ten minutes. Longer if possible. Then rinse, shampoo, and condtion.

          Several considerations:

          Don't use hydrogen peroxide. You need the kind sold for bleaching hair.

          Be sure to condition after bleaching. It does dry the hair out a bit.

          Be very careful that the dog doesn't lick any of the mixture.

          I don't know if this will work on grass stains, but I do know it works on salive and tear stains.


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            Try EZ Groom whitening shampoo, warm it in a microwave for a few seconds helps alot on removing stains


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              I like to use Double K's Ultimate shampoo, I scrub it in and let it set on the area as I bathe the rest of the dog, then take a soft bristle brush and brush the shampoo in even more. Takes out the green for me.


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                I have a Maltese who gets slightly green feet. I am getting ready to launch new products, that have been especially made for me, shampoo, conditioner, and facial scrub. They are natural and we use the finest natural ingredients. We have been using this product on our dogs for a few months. It is wonderful. It really brightens white coats, brightens faces, and so far it has taken the green staining out of my dogs feet (it hasn't been bad though). One of my groomers uses it on her show Keesy's and she loves it because it makes their coats stand up. We have used it on dogs with skin problems and it seems to help with the itching and flaky skin. I will keep you all posted when we get the website up and running.


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                  I like white on white by CC. I love it on white of course but you can use it on any color I do believe. I think it does a beautiful job but I haven't had any serious grass stains. My nemesis has been red dirt. Does great on that.
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                    Coat stains

                    I also agree about using White on White. It has a really weird feel about itself but works wonderfully. There is only 1 maker of it and its not cheap...its also the deepest purple shampoo you'll ever see.