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It's FIXED! It Really IS! Jens' Gen Update

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  • It's FIXED! It Really IS! Jens' Gen Update

    Yup, he went to the shop for some reason and heard my messages and came over. We were out buying dog food and when I drove up there he was! He'd been working on it 1 1/2 hrs but couldn't get into the groom area for A/C. It needed a little adjustment rps or somethin' like that. I know it is ok now. It has a sophisticated computer that has codes to say what is wrong for the tech. Sorry for my drama. This is a very good caring, understanding generator guy. He had to take everything out even the water tank to fit the bigger gen in and then put it all back last week. No charge of course and Who comes on a Sunday? He didn't have to let me know he got my messages. He's a keeper! I'm going to give him a van key. LOL

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    YAY!! I'm so happy for you! On the Road Again.......da da da dada da! LOL. If I were you, if the guy has a dog... offer him a free groom.
    A Light exists in Spring, Not present on the Year, At any other period -- When March is scarcely here...~~ Emily Dickensen~~


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      He does have a dog!

      A rather big shep mix I saw briefly once. Good idea! He deserves it! I woud groom his dog even it it is big. I know it is young also.


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        Your so lucky.Keep your fingers crossed all stays well.Still dealing with my generator drama.Very irritating to say the least.


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          Isn't it funny how we never see the happy ending when we are in the middle of our

          story? For those who plug in I hope you know all about AMPS and where you can always locate 20AMP outlets. A cord without a big fat gauge can get too hot and burn up. Also here in our HOT area a cord sitting baking in the sun can pose bad outcomes. Plugging in here in HOT AZ is not a good option most months here. But Alas, I have my Gen again. My fingers are slightly crossed til tomorrows ' groom is over. He hee.


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            You found the right guy! You know who to turn to for problems.
            Over the years of mobiling I found two people - a generator guy and a van guy who can do it all. They cost more money but WILL take me in a one minuet notice and fix it! I pay them right away...and they are worth it.

            I am glad your story ends with a smile.