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(health) question/curiosity for those who have gone from salon to mobile

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  • (health) question/curiosity for those who have gone from salon to mobile

    I am currently home based and was reading a post under health and safety, got me thinking...I have chronic sinus problems, granted they are not even close to as bad as they used to be when I smoked (quit 7 yrs ago), but still I have problems. I am bad about wearing a mask when I groom, however I am starting tomorrow, better late than never!
    My question is, for those who do suffer from sinus problems, did you happen to notice if they are better since you have gone to a more open and well vented grooming environment as opposed to being in a closed up climate controlled area where things have more places to hide and settle? I would think going in and out of the vans, door is being open and closed in a smaller environment, would lessen the opportunity for allergens, dander and such to lie around and accumulate or hide. Providing you properly clean the van. I just notice at home everyday there is a layer of stuff that settles from everywhere in my home shop, and this is probably infiltrating the rest of my house as well.
    I guess I am thinking the vans get aired out better.

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    My allergies are DEFINITELY better in my own truck where I decide how clean it is & I clean out my own AC filter. The first thing almost all my customers comment on is how it smells clean & not like wet dog, etc.
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      Yep, same here

      My allergies have gotten worse as I get older, but seem better in my mobile situation where I am out and about rather then stuck in a shop.