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Clipper vac . . . what am I missing?

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  • Clipper vac . . . what am I missing?

    So, after hearing people rave and rave about their clipper vacs, I finally took the plunge and had to get this awesome accessory. After all, I loved the idea of not having hair floating all over my dogs and my van during grooms.

    What I've found is 1) it makes my clippers feel like they are 900 pounds, 2) it is so bulky and gets caught on everything so I feel like I have no control of my clippers, and 3) a lot of my dogs are afraid of the extra noise, even when it's on its lowest setting.

    What am I missing? So many people LOVE the clipper vac. I LOVE the idea of it, but I'm not seeing the practicality. Thanks in advance for your feedback!!!!

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    I am a new user of it as well, I work out of a shop and everyone has to use it, as it is provided. Thanks Setti
    1 you DO get used to it,
    2 it gives a more even cut, no back brushing several times
    3 don't be nervous around it. That may be why your dogs are afraid of it.
    4 it keeps your clippers cool all the time.
    5 again you WILL get used to it.
    I have some dogs still that I do at home still and I don't have the clipper vac at home I WANT ONE SO BAD


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      It is just like anything else it is going to take you time to get used to it. I started for 2 years without it and when I started with it thought I would never get on to it now I love it..........


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        you can always put cotton in their ears at first. I usually start with pads of the foot, then do the sanitary, kinda introduces them to the sound, then I start the body clipping. It is bulky at first, you just have to figure the best position for you. Make sure your clipper cord and the hose is not caught or tangled as well, that seems to add extra weight, it creates resistance. I did not like mine at first but kept plugging away and after a week I cannot live without it. Not to mention the lack of hair flying around and minimal clean up after a groom, saves a ton of time. if you do not like to use cotton, just hold the ear closed on the side you are working, that helps too, or if you use the happy hoodie, put that on for the body clipping.


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          I had a problem with the "900 pounds" until I got mine mounted up on the wall. Now I don't even notice it. But I sure notice all the piles of hair on the table and floor when I don't use it. And I don't miss that at all.

          The trimming is smooth and even. It really cuts down on scissor work.

          For me the biggest challenge was to avoid getting tail hair or ear fringes inadvertently sucked into the blade. But do I love how it does a sanitary. And it sucks hair off a cat in the blink of an eye.

          I love mine. They aren't the perfect solution for every grooming challenge but they sure are a nifty addition to the arsenal.


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            I never used one up until about 2 months ago. I instantly could not believe how much easier it is. Loved it so much i got an Ivac to use with it. And now i love it even more. Once again, Thanx Setti


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              I've had a CV for so long that I can't groom w/o one. I have 2, one is a shop unit that was in my first conversion, then I treated myself to a Tote. I can take that one anywhere I might go, if into a shop or where ever, demos that sort of thing.

              Try putting the hose up, like suspending it from a second arm off your table or ceiling. It will make a major difference. Personally I have the Ivac clipper hooked to my unit, with the hose up and over my LIPS, so that just a small amount of hose (enough for use) is all I have to deal with.


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                Life without Ivac??

                I was trained with the ivac so I basically know nothing else! I had to use my "back up" clippers (regular--not ivac) for 2 weeks while my ivac was sent away for maintenance and I can tell you that I was miserable!! I swear it added a half hour to every groom!! Besides everyday I would have hair splinters in my hands! I just bought a back up set of ivac clippers so I won't have to ever work without them again!


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                  I hated the clipper vac when I first tried it and thought the same things you do, but after going to a day long seminar with Marlene Romani I decided to give another go and try some of the techniques she taught. Now I love it! I do have to say that I switched to the ivac clippers which are much lighter and do not put undue strain on your shoulder. Watch the dvd that came with a few times and give it another go, you will get used to it and see the great benefit of it. Just think of the cleaner air you'll be breathing!


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                    I have always used a clipper vac except for the first couple of years when I first started grooming, and yes in the beginning they feel heavy and ackward, but make sure the hose is coming from above helps alot.

                    I did 2 springers last week without the clipper vac, it was having new brushes installed, I came home and told my husband if I had to groom without my CLVac that I would quit today, I was miserable with the hair splinters and the it seems to take twice as long to do a dog and you have to do all the extra backbrushing and etc etc, since you have already bought it don't send it back just keep using it.

                    I love it for like a golden that wants all that long hair underneath and the legs, britches scissored up I just take my clipper with vac and #15 and do all that trimming in 5 seconds and never even use my scissors.


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                      I love it..... sometimes.

                      For me, there are some dogs I can't do without it. Others.. I wouldn't touch them with it. Just depends on the texture of the hair and the finished look I'm after. If they're really fluffy or cottony it helps a lot. Others, like silky.... I just don't like to use it. Hair texture is the key for me.
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                        You know, not everyone loves this combersome beast. Personally, I hate it. I did give it a lengthy try; 2 years. Hated every minute of it and swore "Never again." when I changed jobs.

                        But I'd still encourage you to give yourself time to figure it out and get used to it. Not everyone is me, and hates the darned thing, either. If you finally decide you don't like it, I'll bet you can find someone here who'd be willing to buy it.


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                          Thanks for the feedback!!

                          I can't thank you enough for all of your advice. I'm going to keep working with it. Once I actually get used to it, I'm sure I will see the other side! Thank you so much!


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                            More than anything else- the health reasons to use it are incomparable.
                            No hair splinters
                            No breathing in tiny hair particles
                            I put lemongrass oil on the filter in mine, so if I suck up a flea they can dieeeee.

                            Although, I do have an actual unit- I use an IVAC and it reduced the awkwardness on top of my clippers.


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                              Where do you get lemongrass oil? Something I need!