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Help with Housecall: Portable Storage

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  • Help with Housecall: Portable Storage

    I am wanting to know what you are using to lug your supplies into the client's home. Right now I am using a 4-drawer cart from Walmart, but it goes from my kitchen to the garage. Love the size and how I have my stuff organized now, but will probably need to do something different when making housecalls.

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    In the hardware store like Lowe's or Home Depot, you will be able to find different sizes of storage boxes on wheels. Some of them will have a small tray on the top and two big compartment on the bottom. Stanley is a good brand. I have one in my van for storage because I have a very small cabinet in the van. I also have one that I use for my daughters when we travel for dance competitions. I think you will be able to put everything in the big storage.


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      I have the stanley portable workstation from walmart it has a deep compartment on the bottom where I put my shampoo, ear cleaners, brushes and combs in a container shampoo and towel in the top I put my blades and clippers. I like it but I have to get used to not bringing too much but on a first visit it's hard cause you don't know what to expect or what supplies youll need for sure.


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        I use a fishing tackle box for my blades and scissors & I have a nice leather looking duffle bag which has two end pouches. One end holds my shampoo, the other holds perfume, ear cleaner, etc. In the middle I put my clippers, brushes, dryer & towels. People keep asking how do ya'll carry in all your stuff,,,, I have learned you don't need to drag in every thing you own,,,,think light and fast . How much stuff do you REALLY need to groom a 20 lb shih???,,, If I was grooming a 100 lb golden instead, the only thing I would add to my supplies would be my undercoat rake, and maybe a few more towels,,,,,,,giggles


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          You know the fishing department might have something that would work. I work at a boarding kennel very part time 3-4 times a month. I do have a few double tools so I keep a few at the kennel. Anyway I found at Walmart a cool craft bag, looks almost like the Chris Christiansen (sp) tool bag. In the middle it fits a big plastic craft box up right or like RudyRoo mentioned a fishing tackle box. It has dividers right size for blades, I left a few spaces open for scissors etc. I looked in the craft section for a sheet of foam, I cut that to fit for the bottom of the box so they didn't bang around too much. So far blades have been fine in the 2 yrs I have used it this way. The bag has all kinds of pockets. I've seen these at dog shows now. It might fit all you need. They were around $20, dog shows charge $30+. I actually found mine on sale way back when for $10.

          The Soapy Puppy