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Think Twice Before Going Mobile! The New (used) Gen Won't Work!

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  • Think Twice Before Going Mobile! The New (used) Gen Won't Work!

    Having a mobile unit can never be counted on to work when you have a generator, Onan or otherwise. Clients are NOT friends they are clients who want their dogs groomed fast and easy with no problems from you! If you need to reschedule they just say no, we'll find someone else. The appt for a Schnauzer whos' owner said she never looked better , now can't wait until the scheduled 1:30 PM Monday time to see if the gen will be up and running again! They go away for a month on Friday. Why can't they wait and see? I don't dare call anyone else about next week because IF he fixes it in a timely manner, there will be no problem. As for plugging into their electricity No way, yet many mobiles do and don't have generators. She could come to my house and let me do it in my home. No flexibility! Yet THEY always want us to accomodate them. I can't see my future;I have no crystal ball. I am loosing customers all, over the place. Even if they say next time and go elsewhere I loose money this month! I am not the cheapest mobile and they may just find someone else cheaper and not even notice the quality of the other may be lacking. IF I had a shop, this would not be happening. If I could do in home grooming it would not be a problem either. Mobile is dependent on a generator, at least for me. So, the guy has lost money on this deal. Welllll, he still has lots of clients and other mobile groomers, but I am loosing all mine!!!!! I really expect him to clear his calendar and FIX mine once and for all! But he will probably be on some job Monday and not return my call til who knows when! This has been going on since February. No, I can't go to someone else because he has to fix this free as a working generator. This 7000 has 3000 hrs tho rebuilt, but I bet those valves are old and worn out. He should have tested it for at least four hours with all equipment on instead of ten minutes. It is so hot, it could start a blanking FIRE. I am so exhausted play on words EXHAUST ED, I think the exhaust makes me sick or carbon monoxide leak I dunno, . I wonder if my wiring can support the bigger gen. I can't figure if it is the A/C or what. It isn't a bargain at $920 after all the business I am loosing.

    Soooo, people. If you want to be mobile, is only good when the generator works. You never know when it won't. Clients are fickle and don't care about your gen problems. I am devastated. I pride myself on being dependable, with yrs of experience and a clean rig. But this is OUT of my control. Thanks for letting me cry and vent. Only a groomer can understand.
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    I'm thinking that mobile just may not be for you jenneversage. It's not everyone's cup of tea. Maybe you'd be better in a shop or working for someone. Just think about it and take a deep breath. Okay? It's not the end of the world.
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      that really sucks Jen! I hope you get your gen fixed soon... Even if you loose a few clients because of it at least you know they're ones that don't appreciate you, leaves more room for the ones that do! Keep your head up =) sending happy thoughts your way.


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        Sorry to hear about your troubles. I had my gen go down, called all of customers understood. Free is not always best. My gen guy offered to loan me one until mine was repaired. I would find a new repair guy. He also suggested I buy a back up.

        If you have fickle customers you might not want them. Besides I have spent time in a salon and during that time we had plumbing go down an down and lost power due to a storm. During those days we had to reschedule and / or work late. It happens regardless if your mobile or in a salon. If customers are that inflexible you probably don't need them anyway. Sometimes things are out of your control. All you can do apologize and roll with the punches.

        Keep your head up things will work out in the end.


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          I've had to plug in this week, and in a couple of cases, transport dogs to my house to groom. (one was a collie, one a samoyed, I couldn't fathom trying to dry them with a Kool Dry, so took them to my driveway where I can plug in and run my k92 without popping a breaker.)
          I haven't had any of my clients hesitate to let me plug in.
          I'm not sure why they would think it was a big deal, for just this once. Carpet cleaners, handy men, etc all need to use some type of resource from the home, why would they balk at letting the groomer use a small amount of electricity for an hour or two?
          I HATE plugging in. I HATE it. Normally, I would have tried to re-schedule this week until the gene was fixed, but it just wasn't in the cards. I'm having surgery Tuesday and will be off 3 weeks, so had no where to move these people. It was already hard enough to find places to move people for 3 weeks while I'm off.

          I am so sorry you are having these problems. I really hope you get your gene fixed very soon.


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            I feel your pain. My problem has been with the so-called "certified techs" with an Onan authorized facility just doing the 450 service work. Everytime I have taken the gen in for the service they screw it up. I've lost about 7 days of work here recently. Have no where to put clients, and have at least 16 calls from new clients. This isn't the first time or the first gen they they have not corrected the problems.

            This past Monday I picked the gen up after they called the factory to find out how to repair and what tests should be performed on it to find out what was wrong. You'd think they would know. Well any who they rebuilt my brand new gen. Heads, valves, spark plugs and new rocker arms. Guess what, this past Fri on my fourth stop the gen cranked up and then shut down. Another code 36., which means take in for service. I waited 10 minutes and it did start. It only does this when the temp outside gets up in the 80's. So it's a heat issue that hasn't been resolved. It may be the control panel, or possibly something with the fuel lines. Did they check that out? NO! The tests that were performed are tests listed is the operator's manuel from Onan. These tests should be preformed at each and every service. The techs answer for not doing the tests was "We didn't know we were supposed to do these" Guess they don't read their own manuel.

            I called Onan FRi and demanded a new gen. On them! I had a long conversation with the District manager going over the issues with this one facility. My lost revnue all total is about $8000. There is no point in threatening to sue Cummins/Onan, it would cost me far too much money. However, I did tell the District Manager that I did have another option. I can go to the Attorney General here in my state and lodge a complaint and let the state decide whether or not I have a legit complaint against their company.

            I have some poliitical pull and will hopefully have an appt with the Attorney General in the next couple of weeks. I want to recover my lost income.

            Too bad that you couldn't afford to get a new gen. Used is never as good as new. Hang in there, once that gen is fixed and you are up and running it will be better. I should add that I also have lost clients/ and in some cases have had to refer them to another groomer. Some have come back others have not. There is always a new phone call. I don't worry about those who have quit me. Been grooming far too long. They come and they go.


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              I have been plugging in for about 6 months now; have only had one client that had aproblem with it. I use a kool dry HV and do turn off my air while hving or vancuuming.
              Haven't popped a breaker yet.
              I would just plug in and keep running until you get it fixed; no need to cancel appts.
              My new charger has arrived and son is supposed to come this week and install it and check my batts to see if any need replaced.


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                Why not take what you need out of your van and go house to house until the generator is fixed or work out of your home and do pick-up/drop-off? Most assuredly it isn't as convenient as the van but it would show your customers you're willing to do what you need to in order to keep their business. Clients like and want to feel important, and they should! They are our bread and butter, literally, and sometimes you may have to think outside the box


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                  Im prob gonna get bashed for saying this, but when all else fails, play the girl card. A few tears and "I'm just a poor single gal and helpless with out you" works wonders. The guy is a jerk for selling you a bad gen,,,you need to make him feel really guilty, hopefully that will motivate him to get off his Arse and help youi!


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                    I am so sorry!!!!

                    Wow, that's a lot of aggravation and lost $$$ and time!

                    But stuff happens in a shop, too - water off, electricity out, stuff breaks down, drains plug - however, I think most shops have less problems than a vehicle, so that's one of the reasons I still prefer a shop. (I did housecall many years ago and did think about mobile, but just felt that a shop would work better for me and the way I like to work.)

                    Hope you get up and running - hope this guy gets this truly FIXED!

                    Good luck.


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                      Things are going to happen, your vehicle might break down...have you thought of that? Plugging in is no big deal compared to the van breaking down. I had a gas issue last Sat & canceled the client. They had no problem with it but when I tried to call & reschedule I couldn't get them to call me back when I left a message. I thought forsure I had lost them for the month. Well I still had this Sat open so I called them on Thursday night & actually talked to them. I was able to schedule them. It was good because the female was very matted already at 8wks. She booked for 6wks & wants to keep the female in a shorter clip rather then d-matting all the time, yea.

                      Working in a shop doesn't seem to have their issue but they do. I work part time in a boarding kennel, this will be my last yr there (owner is my friend & she has B. cancer so I didn't want to leave her with no groomer at this hard time). I find I am slower, dogs take longer to dry. We've had drains back up, the wall mounted hyrosurge is only spitting out shampoo & not steady. Hot water tanks go out. If the city needs to fix the water lines you are out of water. You have to sit & wait for all the dogs to go home, barking dogs that hate sitting in a crate waiting their turn. You can't finish unless you have a gen ready to go when power goes out. Have a higher over head cost. Have to groom more dogs just to cover costs, make less then in mobile.

                      I love the fexabilty of mobile, yes I have lost a few clients over time. One with a cocker would call & want same day, back when I started I was able to do that but last yr I was booking a few days out & they couldn't wait. I haven't heard from them again. Good. I have gained 36 new dogs just this yr. I actually let one go i'd been stuggling to do for a full year because he was such a hard shih to do & so unpredictable on things he handled one day & hated the next. The owners were good but it was the dog I couldn't stand to do anymore, with all the new clients I am gaining this yr he's been replaced with alot better easier clients. Almost all my clients understand that issues will come up with the van or most know that I will have to plug in from time to time. Those are the ones you want.

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                        Can't plug in

                        Reason: All plugs are being used for water softener etc. Client unwilling to offer any plugs and some are not 20 amp and too far to reach from rig anyway. I did plug in at two different clients last week and it is a pain to get in and out to go to the back and un plug CV, then go back inside and plug in the kool dry. The A/C was on a separate circuit between their washer/dryer. The rude woman freaked when I mentioned her washer/dryer plug. Even my own house has a plug by the front door that is only 15amps and would trip if I used it. I can barely reach thru the garage to my washer/dryer. I actually had one lady bring her dog to me just to save money. It was a long thick coated Lhasa. I detangled the tangels and did a great groom. She loved it but I never heard from her again. People who want mobile want the groomer to come to them.

                        Now I am trying to locate the clients to fill Sunday so I am free for the Gen guy tomorrow. No one is home.waaaaaaaaaaaa I want to throw a big Tantrum! Lay on the carpet and kick and scream. LOL " I want My generator fixed" RIGHT NOW! and never break down ever, ever again

                        the one who hung up on me just said ok come on over. XXXXX fingers it runs til the dog is finished!


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                          I can see both sides and feel your pain. Ive been trying to fix a honda gx series gen for my brother. You would think the repair manual was the manual to build a nuke with how hard it was to find it. problem in short is a electric controlled throttle ,starts fine but shuts down just as fine once started. You kind of need to learn to wear a lot of hats or have deep pockets. it's job security issue for mechanics that leads to the vail of secrecy on how to fix things. Your non certified mechanic doesnt have the secret handshake.
                          As far as you fiinding an ever lasting gob stopper of a generator ,I dont think so. Not economically viable. Time to research and hunt for another. the hondas are pretty simple once you break though the wall of OZ and give the man behind the curtain a good swft kick in the ankles. Then all the service manuals come pouring out.


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                            I have a trailer with a generator plus I have a honda 2000 that I carry in the back of my truck that will run everything but the air for way less gas!


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                              Wow, sounds like you need a bunch of new clients or else a change in your own attitude. What is going to happen (God forbid) if you have some need to take off for a few days, or a week? Things happen in life. I can't imagine having a business where my clients got all pissy and left me because of something like this. In five years, I have had about a full five days of "down time" due to generator issues (couple of days here, couple of days there) and a full two weeks down due to personal emergency surgery. I tried my best to BEG some clients to get their dogs done somewhere else, but no one would. They all wanted to wait for me and were so understanding. I am one of those people who would NEVER plug in if my generator is down, it isn't worth it. People will wait. This is dog grooming...the planet isn't going to explode if the dog doesn't get groomed. I really wonder about your clients, you are better off without them. If you work at it, you can develop meaningful relationships with your clients and they will treasure your service. I regularly reschedule people, move them around, etc. I try to be flexible for my clients, and they in turn are flexible for me.