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A rare vent and a couple of questions - Long

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  • A rare vent and a couple of questions - Long

    I try not to vent, gripe, whine, or moan too much here. I prefer to dwell on the more positive aspects of my job and life in general. But I gotta let off some steam or I'm gonna blow a gasket! /deep breath. OK. Another groomer has been using my truck for the past three weeks while I set-up, tested, and inventoried another van while training a new bather. When I handed over the keys to my truck, my pride and joy, it was clean, shiny, and completely stocked. I just got it back today. Following is part of an e-mail I just sent off to Bossman, who has been out of town for a week:
    ....I was VERY unhappy with the condition of 421 when I arrived today. The only thing that was done the gray water was emptied and the stainless steel behind the tub and above the table had been wiped down. Other than that:

    1. The fresh water was almost empty.

    2. The clipper vac was packed with hair.

    3. The shop vac had not been emptied.

    4. The windows, walls, and ceiling are DISGUSTING and obviously have not been wiped down for some time.

    5. The clipper head is filled with dirt and hair.

    6. Full bag of garbage with dirty, wet, smelly dog hair left in the salon area.

    7. The tub is absolutely foul. Not only was it not rinsed after the last dog (judging from the hair all over the sides and floor), but the bottom well of the tub was coated with mud. The screen over the drain was full of dog hair and little bits of poop. There was a thick buildup of pink aspergillis mold (I was able to get some of it, but the whole thing needs to be scrubbed), black mold in the sump screen, and a carpet of green algae growing in the bottom.

    8. The line for the hydrobath had not been flushed out and was full of black gunk, dirty used shampoo water, and small bits of algae. I suspect that it is not being cleaned and rinsed between grooms, which allows algae to grow inside the water lines. Even after 4 flushes with clean water, it still smells "swampy". I used Plum Silky on all the dogs today to avoid leaving them smelling like a dirty fishtank. I have NO IDEA of any product that will remove algae in water lines; maybe the folks at corporate do....

    9. Less than 1/4 tank of gas.

    10. Filter on back of blow dryer was full of hair, as was the cabinet behind it.

    11. Tool box is filthy, inside and out.

    I had to spend 20 minutes cleaning the salon & filling the water before I was able to leave, and I just did the bare minimum to make it presentable to customers (and even then I wasnt satisfied but I was running out of time). When I left today, I emptied the gray water tank and dirty towels and rinsed and flushed the tub one more time. Other than that, I left it pretty much as I found it.

    Aside from making a very bad impression on customers, the lack of sanitation in that van will expose the dogs to serious health hazards from the aspergillis and black mold spores in the bathing system. If inhaled, the spores can settle into the lungs and cause pneumonia and other serious and possibly deadly complications.

    It needs to be cleaned and sanitized top to bottom, and quite frankly I don't want to switch back to 421 until that's been done and it's as clean and spotless as it was when they first got it. You may want to have whoever left it like that come by and spend an hour or so on it, unless you feel like doing it. I didn't. You may also want to let that person know that I don't appreciate having to clean up after them, especially after I take such pains to make sure the vans are nice, clean, and ready to go when I use them......
    I'm not going to go into how I feel about this. Y'all can probably make a pretty accurate guess. I need advice on two things:
    1. What's the best way to completely clean out the contaminated hydrobath to ensure that all traces of mold and algae inside the lines are eliminated? I know that neither bleach nor vinegar works for my fishtank equipment...
    2. How can I be diplomatic about this with the offending groomer when the subject comes up? I have a day or two to simmer down before I see her again...
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    Sorry to hear that. It makes you wonder how those slobs live in their own home. How could they claim to not notice the filth? It's hard to believe they can't see how important it is to clean behind each and every dog.


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      I would say who cares if you offend the other groomer. You were offended by the lack of care she took with your property. What ever happened to leave it better than you found it? She should definitely have to clean up behind herself before you take back the van. I would never let her use it again.


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        Wow, you really were left with a mess! That is why I like to work one to blame but myself, and when I am tired I get lazy and the next day...I am mad at MYSELF! I think you wrote a very clear and tactful letter. I hope you get a positve response from your boss. Perhaps some "Standars" need to be set for use of any vehicle.

        On the bathing system: I have a home-made model, I clean with the original Lysol (comes in the little brown bottle) I feel this cleans and disinfects everything. Unfortunately bleach is a no-no.

        On speaking to the other groomer: ask how she liked using your truck, mention that you take pride in maintaining it. See how she responds. Depending on her answer you can ask if everything went OK while she used it. Then I think it would be appropriate to mention that it was not in "ready to go and groom" condition when you got back into it, explaining all you needed to do BEFORE you could begin your day.

        good luck,


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          Don't mention anything, PF. You already told the boss to handle it & anything more looks like you are spoiling for a fight.
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            Do house call grooming until you can get your own van.


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              Originally posted by BeeJL View Post
              Do house call grooming until you can get your own van.
              Or wait til she ain't lookin' & whop her upside the back o' the head...when she looks around to see who it was be lookin' off into the air all over the place & whistlin' innocently. Like this:
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              "We are all ignorant--we merely have different areas of specialization."~Anonymous
              People, PLEASE..It's ONLY a website!~Me