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The oldest Wagntails van out there?

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  • The oldest Wagntails van out there?

    Just sitting here wondering how many years can I run this van before it starts falling apart at the seems and I need to get a new one.

    Mine is over 6 years with 75000 miles on it. No problems outside of the normal things that go after a while. Right now its the ac.

    So how old and how many miles does your van have on it???

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    Mine is a 1997 Dodge, with 85000, with my route as tight as it is, I don't put many miles on her, but when the time comes I'll be finding someone to put a new engine in her.....just can't get rid of her, and they don't use the dodge van anymore. I have to admit everything on the inside is in excellent condition, there are no rips in my vinyl, and it's color looks GREAT

    Wouldn't change a thing

    It's a WNT, but they don't convert dodges anymore............
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      Just fo fun, you might want to call Jamie and ask him when WGT started production on their conversions vans......then see if he knows of any still on the road.

      Happy Researching

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        I don't have the oldest

        but i do have 96,000 miles on her and just put in a new radiator water pump and other essentials. a few months back I put a new transmition, so pretty much newer under the hood now.


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          Wow that's a good guestion to ask about a wagntails van.I bet just like a car they will work along time.I'm having problems with my dash a/c air barely comes out.The ford dealer wants to charge a hefty amount just to put it all out n look at it.That's not including to fix whats wrong either.


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            How much a did a new transmission cost?

            I was thinking I want to keep it for another ten years! The other mobile groomer 'round here bought a new generator.

            The only thing I don't like about the Dodge WNT is the generator UNDER the van. While inside the van is a bit bigger due space from the gen at the bottom - in summer it gets really hot under there! I try to park under shaded areas. Its just that in July and August if I turn it on, I have to wait about 45 mins before I can turn it back on again. So I either leave it on or arrange to NOT turn it on for nearly an hour.
            But thats hard too because it gets so darn hot! Thats the issue about it being under the van - aside from crawling under there to check the oil.


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              [QUOTE=ralla;407693]How much a did a new transmission cost?

              I was thinking I want to keep it for another ten years! The other mobile groomer 'round here bought a new generator.QUOTE]

              Granted this isn't a WGT. We bought a new tranny for our F350 Crew Cab truck. My husband did the install, it cost us $1600 just for the tranny 3yrs ago. We got a quote on price for our Ford E250 van, it was $1800.

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                My "96 Dodge has 220,000 on the engine--I had the tranny rebuilt twice and various other things done to it. I would love a new one but am turning 60 this year and can't justify the cost-I too will drop a new engine in when this one goes.
                Kari- from experience I'm thinking you have hair in your vents-have someone pull the dash and clean them out. Wagontails should warn people about that and the hair clogs in the A/C-hee hee. Also would like to see a way of preventing water leakage under the floor if you get a cracked water tank---I HATE my Generator --haven't used it in years and the bolts rusted thru the bottom of the van so I have it chained to the frame. 15 years mobile in Minnesota and I've learned a lot.