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  • How much to convert

    I see a van that is shoreline for sale, but I don't want to do shoreline, or should I? How do you heat the water? How much would it be to convert it to a generator?

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    Shoreline is a pain

    espicically if it's raining! (or snowing). I did shoreline for a while just for my roof ac unit. I had a converted RV that I had put an inverter and batteries, but being in AZ, that roof AC had to run most of the time. What a pain, it could pop a 15 amp circute if the home owner was using anything on that circute. What a pain with a wet slippery dog to have to stop, and have owner flip the breaker.

    I wouldn't want that as my only source of power. However, I'm amazed at how many of the mobile groomers here, actually use that option even with a new WNT! I was just blown away when that was a topic at a few of our mobile round-ups. I still use my system (inverter and bats) in my back-up unit, but this time my ac unit actually does run off my bats, but of ccourse here it's far and few between that I have to trun it on, and then usually just to take the "heat" out of the rig. Well, we did have a few days were it got HOT last summer, heck it almost climbed into the high 80's!

    Sorry I can help you on how to install, but I know there are a lot of groomers that use the metal rack on the back of their rig and hook up an outside gene. Shouldn't be much more than the cost of the gene and running some cords, I'd think.