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Job Openings and Van Sales Way Up

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  • Job Openings and Van Sales Way Up

    The Spring rush continues with more than 100 new job openings in a week, and I have about 60 more to post that came in during the last 24 hours, and about 30 filled and removed today too. Jobs still tend to be heaviest in CA, FL, IL, OH, NY, MI, WA, TX, OR and a few other states.

    Van sales are WAY up, but lots of new listings coming in too.

    Compared to 2009 at this time we are in a boom, but no, things are not back to normal but the signs are very good. I've talked with 2 buyers that were able to get $50,000 vehicle loans for used, so that is an improvement at least.

    Many people are moving ahead and starting new businesses, or buying businesses, going mobile etc. Just moving ahead one way or another. I try to talk with them if they call and again it seems like I hear, I am moving ahead, not waiting anymore.

    Our consults are way up too. I am swamped at times with short consults from groomers buying businesses and want a review of the buying process in detail. Again, a sign people are moving ahead and yes businesses are selling to "new blood" and most are getting a great buy actually, definitely a buyer's market.

    I am all for moving ahead, but in a sensible financial way a step at a time. Definitely buying an existing business at the right price is working well as always because you have the built in immediate cash flow if you know how to transition a business and hold 80% or more of the clientele.

    Happy for so many calling and moving ahead, lots of happy calls coming in this Spring, so much better than 2009.