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Someone put a van up for sale but doesn't seem like wanting to show it. Weird!!

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  • Someone put a van up for sale but doesn't seem like wanting to show it. Weird!!

    I wonder if this is a sign that I should stay away from this van. I found a newer van that is up for sale in my state. It seems like the owners are in some kind of situation and perhaps they are not willing to talk much. We communicated through e-mails first but the person seemed to not answers my simple questions like what kind of area is the van in, who groomed in the van or when the warranty started. I finally talked to that person on the phone and they sounded so rude to me and made me feel like I am stupid. I wanted to say that we groomers are not uneducated, most of us know how to deal business. They almost didn't want to work around my weekend schedule even I already explained that I was a busy groomer. I just couldn't cancell all my appointments and drove a coupld hours to see the van. Which busy groomers can really do that? I wonder how are they going to sell the van if they are not willing to work with the groomers. Not sure what is going on? I tried my best to work around my schedule but the seller doesn't seem willingly to show the van. We finally made a tentative arrangement. I have't dealt with other owners before, groomer/owner and just the owner, and they didn't make it this hard. We even flew across the states to see before. I am in a hurry to buy a van, just thinking about upgrading to a newer van if the price and time is right. Any suggestions?

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    Hi there,

    I have had some really bad experiences with rude people when calling about vans and asking them if they and/or I could bring it for a safety inspection at an ASE certified my mechanic and have had people that wont answer my questions and said they don't want to waste their time answering these questions about warranties, or safety inspections and if people are being sneaky I say don't even think about buying that vehicle and move onto the next person, they obviously have something to hide and want to find people that don't know how to ask the important questions and don't demand a safety inspection and just want someone to buy their rig ASAP no questions asked there is a reason. the kind that are like well if you want it you have to buy it right now cause other people are interested.

    See Ya later.

    Then I have had the people that are really intersted in selling their vehicles and are happy to answer any and all questions you may have and quickly agree to letting you do a safety inspecition along with a ride along to see and make sure everything is working before you decide to buy. The ones that are happy to share all vehicle and equipment maintainance records with you. These are the people you want to deal with.

    There is one lady here in CT selling her van for $40,000 if that's in your price range it's a 2004 wag-n-tails with low miles. I did a ride along with her and it is in good shape but out of my price range.


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      If they we're really wanting to sell it, they would accommodate you! Sounds like they are hiding something or they are just rude.
      Find someone else to give your money to.


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        Was her handle Westie Mom? RUN!!!!!!!!!
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        People, PLEASE..It's ONLY a website!~Me


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          hmmm...I might know who that Westie Mom is....YES...RUN!!!!!!!!!