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Do You Like Your Onan 7000?

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  • Do You Like Your Onan 7000?

    I realize if you never had a 6500 you can't compare. Has it been relatively trouble-free? I am having my rig fitted with one hopefully ready by Friday AM. More power and I can use my wet dry vac and such without turning off A/C. I want to get a chill from my A/C. LOL I SOOOO want this to be the end of my Gen problems for a LOOOOONG time. I also heard they are quieter.

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    If you have the Homesite 6500 like I do, I'm sure you'll adore the 7000. I hear it has 58 usable amps!! As far as quality, I think it's hit or miss with an Onan. Some people on here never have problems, others never have a day without problems. My AC problem is that it's a pathetic 5800 or 6000 btu. Wouldn't cool a closet! I can't imagine what a roof AC unit would do to me. My clients would find me frozen in the middle of grooming their pets!


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      hit or miss

      Well, I guess we're in the "Hit" category, ours runs fine. Yes there are those times, but like with anything mechanical, it will have it's moments. Other than oil changes and filters, we've had to replace a part of the fuel line (from the filter to the carb), and that's it. We've been running it since December 2007.

      Now this is from MY perspective (of which I'm the CSS). You'd have to ask Merry Puppins, for the groomer's perspective.


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        I have an Onan 7000, there's nothing wrong with all depends how well the so-called "certified techs" perform the job when you take it in for your 450 service. You must do this to keep it under warranty.

        The warranty can be a joke if the techs screw up your gen. My experience has been really horrible. On the first 450 my gen started shutting down on me. Lost two days, turns out the valves were not adjusted right. After the second 450 (900hrs) the gen started shutting down on me halfway thru the day. Long story short the techs were not preforming all the tests that are listed in the operator's manual. So now it turns out they had to rebuild my gen. Lost 4 days of work.

        You'd think I could go somewhere else for my service work, unfortunately for me there is only ONE authorized service facility in my state.


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          I love mine. Of course, right now, she is broken, but when she is back I will love her again.
          I am plugging in this week, since my gene died. I think they said she dropped an exhaust valve or something like that. I won't know for sure until I can take her down to my mechanic and have her thoroughly looked at. I'm very busy this week trying to groom as many of my clients as I can since I will be off for a few weeks since I am having a hysterectomy next week. Perfect time to get the generator fixed. Luckily I have a great mechanic that charges much less than Cummins, and really knows his stuff.


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            I actually have a great Gen guy

            He took the 6500 one to Cummins for the load test cuz that machinery is very expensive. I don't care about the 6500 one, cuz I am upgrading to the 7000. I imagine a 7000 costs a bunch but for me it is $720 (for the 6500 slightly used one) and both that and my 12yr old former one he will sell for parts. $200 to install with modifications to exhaust etc to fit. I think I will be happy. For all the probs the 6500 one has had he charged 0, and it cost him money. He is very fair, and comes to me.


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              What Fast Ellie said I think is right on the money. Its not the generator, its the people that work on them. I had some really horrible experiences until I found someone who knew what they were doing.
              don't find yourself up a creek without a poodle.


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                I have an Onan CMM 5500LP. I love it, and super quiet. I have 42 usable amps and it runs everything in my trailer, including my high efficency roof top air. It's going in tomorrow for its 450 hour service! My service center is an hour away, but they know their onans and are well worth the drive.


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                  I looked up the 7000 on Google

                  I knew they cost a lot! $5,092.00 So I think even tho' it has 3,000 hrs but a new stater(not starter) and more, I can't judge hrs. I think I got a heck of a deal in the long run. I know my Gen guy does a good job and knows his Onans too. It will be great to have those extra amps just in case. I might use that Lowes fan MYLADY mentioned. I won't need to turn my A/C off to vacuum. Can't wait til tomorrow!


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                    When they run you LOVE them, when they don't you HATE them!!! I can't live without mine.