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  • Rescheduling Week

    Ok last week this week looked really good, almost every day was full or near full for me 3-4 dogs a day. It all started with Saturday.
    - Last Saturday I had the problem with the gas gage on my van, wrote about in a different thread. I called that client & they were ok with rescheduling, I didn't have my calender infront of me so I told them I would call them back. I did call back Monday & left a message, I haven't heard back yet.
    - Sunday I get 2 calls canceling their Tuesday's appts, so my Tuesday was empty. One a older lady with a easy Boston, she'll call next month. The other a lhasa terrier mix who's dad lost his job so they can't afford it.
    - Monday I did 2 dogs, they booked their next appt which they normally don't ever book ahead but she did call last week & had to wait a week to get it, so that got her to book her next one which was nice. Later Monday I got an email from a client with 2 big doodles needing to reschedule their Wed afternoon, got a new job & new work schedule, they will check their schedules for later in the month.
    - Tuesday another client older lady calls & cancels her appt for Thursday, 2 small dogs. She's having so many dr visits that she can't schedule anything.
    - Wednesday yet another client calls & needs to move her appt to the beginning of next month. I got my only client left for the day done this morning. A client calls that is normally 2 times a year pom & was hoping I had something today, I actually did have an big opening lol. So atleast I did 2 grooms today & 2 nails only. That lady tipped 20 since I fit her in so quickly.

    So that is 7 dogs cancel or reschedule in one week, is that nuts or what? I have 4 more dogs on the books to finish out the week. Next week doesn't look all that great either. Sucks, this month was looking so good too.

    The Soapy Puppy
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    I have had a rash of last minute cancellations; two within the last week cancelled while I was on the way to their homes; no new appointment for you guys; not taking them again. Not kewl.
    But, my every 12 week cat called; ran over there last night in my private van; they catch the cat, throw it on the table, throw two thick towels over, and hold it down while I cut the back nails, and shave it's butt and belly. Fat cat can't clean itself.
    I charge almost full fee, each time, and they tip on top of it.
    If they take him anywhere to have it done he stresses terribly, pees and poos all over himself; it only takes 5 minutes plus 5 minutes talking on this job; love it.