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Keeping nearby dogs on same schedule, so difficult!

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  • Keeping nearby dogs on same schedule, so difficult!

    Many of you know I took a lot of time off recovering from surgery. I figured this would be the opportunity to "reboot" my business and finally get all the dogs in same neighborhoods on the same day. No such luck. I barely even started back when people were calling me asking me to change their dates and/or times. I do have keys to a lot of my clients' houses so those are fine, but it just gets frustrating when LIFE gets in the way of my perfect scheduling ;-)

    On the plus side, I keep a relatively narrow service area, so I can usually find a spot on the schedule to accommodate them, just not as perfectly as I'd like. I have days I can do a max of 6-8 miles if I can book it like I want to.


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    I had to laugh,,,I have several clients that live on the outer bounds of my service area. Two Sats ago, one called asking if I could fit them in, their dog had recent foot surgery and wasn't on his regular schedue & they were having a baby in 2 days, wanted a clean doggie. The next Sat, had a reg appointment back out there. Got a call this week, new client and they also live in the same area. So come this Sat. I'll be back out there, AGAIN.... In a perfect world I would be able to schedule all 3 dogs on the same day,, but that will never happen,, Oh well, at least it will help with my mileage on my taxes, plus I'm not driving a grooming rig, I do my housecall out of my 30 mpg little red Focus,,


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      Ahh, the joys of being mobile!


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        Yup, it's really, really hard to do that. In a perfect world we wouldn't have to leave one little neighborhood or town. I think you're in pretty good shape compared to most mobilers. I always try to keep the route tight but it doesn't always work out that way. And every now and then, you get a day that goes to hell in a hand basket! lol


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          I jave three dogs in one of my farther away areas ... they were on 6, 8 and 10 week skeds. Then the 8 weeker wanted to be on a 6 week sked, so I told the 10 weeker what was up and offered her 6 or 12 weeks. She was fine with it and I go out there every six weeks and do the 3rd one every other time. That will work -- UNTIL IT DON'T!!!