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    Hello everyone, I am new to this forum but have been coming here for some time now and reading the posts. I finally decided to sign up and chat. I have been a groomer for 14 years and have always worked for someone in a salon. I have decided to make a change and have purchased a used mobile van. I was hoping to get some advice, suggestions, anything that you guys think that I need to know such as average gas mileage, what is the average minimum price I should expect to charge etc..... I will appreciate anything you guys have to say. I am very excited and quite nervous about this new venture. Thank you so much for taking your time to help.


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    Welcome Carrie...I'm not mobile, but still wanted to congratulate you on your new "venture" and wish you the best of luck.
    From what I've read on this forum over the past 2 years...I think your questions are pretty "specific" that people can give you their experiences and answers, but it may not necessarily be custom to your vehicle or geographically...your location.
    I've seen some great formulas posted to assist you in figuring out your COSTS...then you have to factor in how much the economy in your area will allow you to charge per breed of dog, or do you need to/want to charge by the hour...etc.
    A great overall view book is "Go Mobile and Succeed" if you haven't already invested in it.
    Good luck and enjoy your new found freedom!
    Often it's not what you say, but how you say it.


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      I haven't gone mobile yet, but I have spent the last 3 months researching and putting together a business plan. I looked at other mobile websites around my area and around the country to justify my price. I looked at what a salon charges and added the convenience fee. Everyone has a different price and a different way of coming up with it, too. My advice is to look around your area to set your prices. Call any other mobile groomers in the area and ask what they are charging.


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        That's easy

        check out the mobile price survey for 2009. It detailes all parts of the country, so you can get an idea what is the norm in your geograph area. Every mobile groomer charges what they need to , based on expenses.

        For me, my first rig was deisel, got 14 mpg ... but when she died, I switched to my back-up's gas. OMG, the first two weeks of the month I spent $125 in deisel, the last two weeks of the month over $350 in gas! Wake up call for sure. I had to rethink my pricing due to the added fuel my rig was using. I kept my grooming prices the same, and added a fuel fee. No one complained, all my clients understood. Also, my fuel is much higher, because my area is so large, or long as the case would be. It would be super if I could keep to an area of just 10 miles, but not going to happen. I basically line in a rural area, and comute to an Urban area for my business. that's 120 miles every day I go out of county (usually 3 to 5 days a week)...

        My rigs are paid for, and older so less cost for monthly payemnt ($0) and less for insurance, but higher maintenance fees than a newer rig would be.

        You basically need to find your expenses per month, and figure out how many dogs ( average cost ) you will need to pay them vs how many dogs can you do in a day's time given drive time between appointments. When I first started [mobile] in AZ, my area was basically 20 miles, and I could do easy 6-10 stops a day. Here my area is an hours commute to and from, then maybe 4-5 stops once I get there and I'm at 8 hours or over, depends on how many multi pet homes I do.

        Good luck!