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  • mobile unit traction

    Hi I'm planning on possibly going mobile and I was wondering how mobile units fare on the side of traction on inclines starting from a dead stop?
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    Gee, I never noticed a problem (I have a van), so I guess I'd have to say they fare pretty well. I don't know about a truck and tractor unit, though. I do have one house where I have to stop the truck on a deep slant while I close the gate. I then have to back the van up to the street. I've never experienced a problem.
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      That depends...

      I am in an icy and mountanous climate and I have a 4x4 truck towing a trailer. For the winter I had to get studded tires at the tune of about $1500 which are good for maybe 3 seasons (winters). But otherwise if you're not flooring it in the rain on a slope, a regular van or truck should be fine. Ice and snow (in my opinion) would warrant a 4x4 or studs.


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        Diesel van

        I was looking into possibly getting the deisel van from Mercedes Freightliner which is now under Dogde. Does anyone know how well they handle in the rain and snow, and if the dual rear wheels really make a difference. Thanks for the previous replies.