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  • What should I do?

    My business is finally doing very well. Yay!! A year and a half ago I thought it would never get to this point. I am so happy it is now. Now, though I am turning away clients. Here's my dilemma. I have a trailer so just hiring someone part time to use the trailer is a very scary idea for me. Also because it took so long to get my business going I have terrible credit so adding a van is just not an option. I am still not making quite the money I wanted to, but am already the most expensive groomer in my area so raising prices doesn't seem like a good idea. My business finally has the clientele for me to expand, but it seems like expanding is not an option. Any thoughts for what you would do if in my situation?

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    If it were me...expansion, in any form, would be the last thing on my mind.
    "Terrible credit" speaks volumes, so the first thing I would focus on in the coming repairing my credit.
    If you have more clients than you have time, are turning clients away, you are not charging enough. It's that simple.
    I don't care what the rest of the groomers in your area are charging, they are not you.

    Good to hear things are going well, but from here on out...continue to make wise decisions.
    Often it's not what you say, but how you say it.


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      Save your money, pay off debt, and then save more money. You don't NEED to do anything but work and save your money.


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        You should raise your prices. You could start with all new callers and make it a decent raise, like $10. Then, in 6 months, or sooner if you choose, raise the rest of the rates of your original clients. If you are getting a stead flow of new folks, it won't matter if you lose some, because you will gain them back and for more $. When you are in a better financial situation, you can then save up money for a van to share and sell your trailer, or keep it and run both full time. If it were me, that is what I would do!


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          For you to expand or purchase a new trailer or van, your credit would have to be in good condition. I agree to raise your prices on new clients. Pay off your debt, save money, and then expand. Good luck to you!