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What to look for in an RV Generator?

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  • What to look for in an RV Generator?

    My husband wants to get a Gen for my van. It use to be a camper van & has a Gen box in the side of the van with the vents. All the hook ups are there, the people took it out before we bought it so we didn't get to see how it was hooked up but we do know the rear gas tank was hooked up to it. I was looking online at Gen's but I don't know how to tell a RV one from just a Portable one. I know I want to go with something that is 6000w or bigger just so that it can power my big stuff. I already have a big inverter system but it even with 8 batteries is lasting barely 4 dogs a day, probably need to check water levels soon. There is no way it would handle 4 dogs & AC. This is why hubby wants a Gen for mainly the AC & maybe my dryer (kool dry only uses 10amp).

    I did see on the Honda website they do have one that is 6500w that does mention RV as a use along with other uses. I only saw one that said this but still not sure if that is the one.

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    I bought a portable rv generator. I got it to the rv place that is installing everything for me , and they said I can mount it on the back but have to move it 20ft away from the van when I run it! They said dogs and people can get CO2 poisoning and its not legal. I am confused because it said it was for rv camping, now I have to return it and look for a new one. The only one I know will work is the onan rv gennies because thats what the big van companies use BUT they are $2500-$5000 !!!!! I am also confused, sorry im no help!


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      It's got to be quiet. My Onan is MUCH quieter than a leaf blower but I've still had 2 complaints from clients neighbors. Well, they were from the same guy.