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  • Mobile Nightmare

    On my way between groomings on saturday I was going thur town not much traffic and a crew of workers were cleaning the flower beds in. It is the time of the year for the Masters, when out of nowhere came a dog about the size of a large beagle he stopped and looked right at me, I couldn't stop and hit him. Stopped the van and ran back were he was at, the people in the flower beds came out and where checking him also, he was already dead. They told me they had been trying to keep him out of the road all morning. He had no collar or anything to find an owner.The workers took care of him, but I fill awful that this happened to this poor guy.

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    Oh how horrible. That is a groomer's nightmare. My neighbor got a doxie pup but they can't keep him in their yard. He likes to wander down to our area because we have dogs but he's afraid of people & other dogs, barks his fool head off at us & he's not even in his own yard. Our dirt road connects with the pathed road which is a little busy. He likes to come out there to check it out. He's not very smart. I like to back my mobile into our driveway & he likes to hang out behind me. Yesterday he was out at the pathed road. I pulled up into our other neighbors parking area, parked & got out to see where that doxie was. Again he was behind my rig. I had to scare him back up towards his home & then had my daughter keep an eye on him so he didn't run back behind me. So frustrating. I just know someone is going to run him over one of these days, he's only about 1yr.

    The Soapy Puppy
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      Oh Melinda, you are having a bad month already hopefully the scissors will be there tomorrow.



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        Bless your heart. I know you had to be freaked out. I was in a subdivision that has several of my elderly clientel and saw something white running at the drivers door; from the corner of my eye. I immediately swerved to the right..went up on the curb and my mirror clipped a street sign...smashed the mirror but lucky for me...not the window. I of course stopped and it was actually one of my 4 legged clients that had seen me from it owners yard and cut across to visit. I was shaking but opened the door...grabbed up Casper and took him home. I mentioned the incident to the owners...and the damage. Shame no one offered to pay for it but the most important thing was that I didn't hit him. Talk about bad advertisement in such a closed-in subdivision. Whew. But in your had no "heads-up". Stuff happens...we feel bad but all you can do is keep going.