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    Hi I have a WagnTails petpro van I currently have a onaan 7000 in it have nothing but problems for the last year.Darn thing seems to get too hot n shuts off at random times.I've already had it all rebuilt and still does not work correctly.I've already spent over 2 grand on it.I feel I may just need to buy a new one.Any ideas of what I should replace it with.Summer's around the corner.I need to be able to use my a/c.I just about died out in the dessert last year without it.110 degrees to hot.Any suggestions?Thanks.

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    Contact Jamie at WNT's. The way your rig is designed I don't think you can use anything else in your truck.

    Also, is your gen still under warranty? and they rebuilt it?


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      I did call Jamie.He was unable to help.The warrenty is void because I took it to a unauthorized dealer. Now I have a authorized one to work on it but too late.


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        Generator issues

        You didn't mention how old your gen is or how many hours was on it; I think. I truly took care of mine..140 hours between oil changes vs the required all the other stuff. It never shut down from getting too hot. It finally died after 5500 hours. It cost me $5800.00 to replace it. But...I got 3+ years out of it. There are too many unknowns about the age/run time on yours. If you had it rebuilt...don't they warranty their work? I realize that WNT / Onan won't but surely a reputable repair place would.



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          My generator has 3098hrs on it the year is 2006 van.I got tired of taking to the guy that rebuilt it because each time I took it in he would have it for at least 2 wks some times longer then charge me for more parts.I hate plugging in it makes it so hard to do multiple dog house holds or use both motors without tripping someones breaker.I did all the oil changes 150hrs too.