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Rhino lining costs?

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  • Rhino lining costs?

    Someone on another forum was asking about it and I thought it cost a couple thousand to have done professionally. Thought I'd ask for a reminder if people could share approximate costs of what they paid for their rhino lining, if you have it.
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    I got an estimate and it was around $3,000


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      I had my new van done and the cost was $900.00 I had the whole floor done, the whole back wall done where the tub is, and partially up the wall. LOL As soon as I can figure out how to add pictures I will.


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        I got the other stuff like it but comes in colors "line-x" cost $1600 for walls & floor in pa....wouldn't do it myself too much pro prep needed.


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          Good Lord! Do it yourself if you are not worried about name brand and a little hard work. Just google "DIY Rhino Liner" You will get lots of articles and other product info. Herculiner is another brand. Some stuff is a brush on you do yourself for 17 per qt. You have to be in a well ventilated area and most of all you just have to prep the surface area as the directions call for.

          Most of the time you are paying for the prep and labor that the pros do. I figure even if I screw it up and have to redo some areas its going to be far less than 2 or 3k. Give me a break already.