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  • ? about shuttle bus as mobiles

    OK, I have some questions about the use of lmid-sized shuttle bus as a mobile unit...why? LOL guess DH wants his Chinook back for fishing and hunting...he found an older shuttle bus, 91 Ford, 351 (not sure which engine- but I asume it's the better mileage one, as they made 2- 351's) it's in need of some TLC, but suppose to run good. Seats are already removed. It has an AC unit in the back ceiling area. it also has duel tires on the rear. Has bus doors with a nice wide 3ft door opening. 4 (tall) windows to each side with a big window/emergency door in back. Inside work area is 14' x 7'.5" wide....

    So my first question is what kind of gas mileage do you get with a gasoline shuttle bus? ...(I'd prefer diesel)...I'd be running an inverter, so no gas gene pulling off the gas tank.

    Then DH found another shuttle bus, van sized...basically a Dodge van with a high's a 94 Dodge. It was used as a fleet vehicle for tours (Orcas Island in the San Janus) so lots of stop and start, and hills. Not sure of the dimentions, as we'll go look at it tomorrow, not even sure my stuff will fit, as I have to have a place for the 8 batteries....he said they got about 11 mpg, but never checked it out on the open road...(and I do 120 miles round trip, every day that I make a trip to my "south" area clients)...this is Pro-Van sized. (not what I'd really call a shuttle bus, but technically it is with 13 seats)...

    So, what do you think about your shuttle bus mobiles? Give me some pointers.

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    If those don't work for you I found this bus dealer. They knock off alittle of the price for things you don't need like seats etc, depends on the value of the seats though. They have a few that just came in, $6,999 is so tempting. I could almost afford it. My van is at the point we are throwing parts at it, we knew it would come because its an 88'. Its still not running right after the EGR part put in yesterday, found the rad or hoses are leaking today. Ken is in school now so hopefully he can take it in to fix it & get credit for it.

    The Soapy Puppy