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Lost a client today, I was heart broken.

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  • Lost a client today, I was heart broken.

    Today I was out grooming and got a phone call from a regular client asking me to come groom her four dogs. Then she informed me that the lady two doors down that I normally groom on the same day lost her dog and not to call her to add her to my schedule. Turns out that her next door neighbor accidentally ran over her dog a couple days earlier. It was early evening and Wookie a black shih tzu, was not seen in time and got hit by a car. I was devastated to hear about the accident. Wookiewas a sweet 7 yr old that was a joy to groom. I have only been mobile for less than a year and that makes two clients I have lost. The other was a toy poodle that died of old age. Its hard to see clients pass. So tonight I came home and made out another condolence card that I will mail out tomorrow morning. I never thought about this side of the business when I decided to get into grooming. It's hearbreaking to say the least. I guess today was just another ride on the roller coaster going from the highs of grooming the two cats and one dog of two new clients and saying a goodbye to a another. I only hope they decide to adopt or get another dog; they were great pet owners.

    Farewell Wookie, we will miss you.

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    I understand!

    "I never thought about this side of the business when I decided to get into grooming. It's hearbreaking to say the least."

    Interesting you said this, as I too never thought of it before I started grooming. I said the same exact thing to my husband when my first client died. I had foolishly made the assumption that it would be similar to working at a vet clinic as an assistant or tech. WRONG The pets brought into a vet clinic are there once a year or ill. One doesn't build the same type of relationship with a vet client as they do a grooming client. Not to say you don't feel the loss at a vet clinic - I just didn't take it as personally as I do my groom clients. These are pets we work with on a regular basis, so we see them often. I cry over every pet loss. Even if they aren't "mine", they are part of my life.


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      Husband died while I was grooming

      Ben grooming for now 11 years! Have seen countless of dogs die. But this year on Aprils Fools Day, my clients husband died 5 minutes AFTER I arrived! His wife Cathy came out to give me the dog. We chatted for a few moments I got back in my van and no later then two minutes I get a knock at my van door. Her husband died in his lazy-boy chair.

      She was in complete shcok! We called the ambulance and they pronounced him dead. She begged me to stay and groom the dogs and I did but it was hard to concnetrate with all the family, tears, dignity van, and the police.

      I was so worn out and had one hell of a time the rest of that weekend. It is sad to lose dogs but when an owner dies it really rocks your world.



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        Memorial to those we lose

        I have lost many of my 4- legged clients over the years and created a "Memorial Album" on my photo site in their honor. See and scroll down a ways to see it.



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          client loss

          Originally posted by Poochlady View Post
          created a "Memorial Album" on my photo site in their honor.
          That's a great idea! I'm a year into the biz & have lost a couple clients already. Fortunately not while I was there. I groom a lot of seniors & I hate to think of the inevitable.


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            Ohhhhhhhhh, that is sad. Poor little Wookie,,sending you a ((hug)), too.
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