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Using a small camper convert to a driveway shop???

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  • Using a small camper convert to a driveway shop???

    I know I saw it here before, groomers are buying small campers and gutting the inside semi and using to groom in, some are even using them as mobile. If you think of it water/heater/pumps are all set-up for you.
    Anyone can guide me with their thoughts on this, thanks

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    Yep my first rig was a truck camper. It was on older truck camper, around here you can get them dirt cheap but the old ones are very heavy which isn't that great on gas mileage. My truck was a F350 Crew Cab so it got about 14mpg empty but with the camper on it, it got 4mpg. Sucked. Space for me was very limited. We found a full size fiberglass tub someone was giving away free. It fit in the space the dining area was. We built a split table over it & used strong maginets to hold the table up to the wall while bathing, then brought one side down, put dog up & brought the other side down. It was a large table but it wasn't adjustable heightwise. So it was hard on my back over time. Now if we had gutted more out we might have been able to do more but it was our first rig & we wanted to see if we could get the business off the ground so to speak. I now have a camper van we gutted & converted to grooming.

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      My first grooming shop

      was a 35ft Nashua trailer. It sat across the driveway from our large mobile home. I had the front area as retail and table area, has a full small bathroom (we raised the tub) and a full bedroom in the back for an office. All the plumbing and electrical was there. It was great.

      Now I have a home conversion Chevy Chinook. Love those big windows! And she rolls down the road usually 120 miles a day, 4 days a week. Love it. I don't know that I could work in a shop again, I really do have a "go-foot" as my dad used to say.


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        "toy haulers" work great because they have a big open area for a table and tub plus have water tanks,water heater, furnace, cabinets and usually even a small bathroom.


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          camper in the yard use to groom in

          thanks for the information, I was really interested in the toy hauler idea, I'll have to resurface that thought!!