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  • routing schedule?

    I am trying to figure out how to get a routing system going? I don't know where to begin... What do you do if you have a couple of clients in an area and later get a call to groom in the same area but you already filled that spot with someone not in that area? Should I try and call clients back and tell them their time and possible date has changed?

    trying to figure this all out.


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    why not suck it up this time, but pre-book their next appointments all together next time?


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      Leave the appt as is, but, when you reschedule for their next appt, make sure you are aware of their locations. Sometimes you just can't help but travel to different areas to fill your day with appts.

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        Routing Schedule

        Definately do not call back scheduled clients and move their appointments. Remember there are very specific reasons why people use mobile groomers...Convenience and not having their loved pet locked up in a crate for 4-6 hours. What you describe will always happen but with time it does get much better. Suggestion....make a very simple spreadsheet and list via columns the most frequent subdivisions/areas that you are in. Then run through your card system and be sure that you have listed multiple clients that fall in these subdivisions. Then you have a "map" to go by. I go a bit further and color code neighbors for each of those areas. Then when you call to schedule appts....let them know you will be in that area on a certain date and ask if it will work for them. doesn't always work out. When they say the word "mobile"...well sometimes you just really are. Best of luck. My photo site is:



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          It takes time to work out all of the routing. It is also good to get to know your clients, build trust, and then once that is done you can hopefully get into their house while they are not home. This will allow you more flexibility. My clients are all really understanding when I tell them. But wait until you build a good relationship to start moving them around. A word of advice. Don't over book yourself. Your clients will fall in love with you and then you will be married to a 12 hour work day or longer. I have made that mistake and the older I get the more my body tells me to back off, but I can't. Good Luck