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Door was locked!!

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  • Door was locked!!

    I was at a house grooming two dogs. The lady says she is going to have to leave before I am finished with the second dog. She said she'd leave the door unlocked and I could just put the dog inside and lock the door behind me. Fine, this happens all the time. No problem. Wrong!! I finished the dog and the door was locked! She said her husband was going to be home shortly after I was done. So I waited...and waited....and waited. After two hours and three voicemails and one text I take the dog home. Fortunately it was the last dog of the day for me.

    The pet parent called me at a quarter to nine wondering where her dog was. I told her the door was locked so after waiting for two hours I took her home with me. The lady out of habit locked the door when she left without even thinking twice about it. The roads were bad from a snow storm so the dog stayed the night and I took her back in the morning for an extra travel charge.

    I have never had that happen before. Just thought I'd share and see if anyone else has had to do this.

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    I absolutely HATE when someone says they have to run to the bank or store

    They nearly always are late and the dog is finished and I wait. I also have had a few who sneak off and I don't know they are gone. I think it is not only poor planning but inconsiderate. I think now I will say, please don't leave me here and go to the store, unless I am sure someone else is inside and will open the door for me. I also ask if we can leave the door unlocked so I can come back in with the dog. The worst one was when a woman went back to bed and I couldn't get her to wake up! No, not dead, just a sound sleeper. ( I tried for at least 30 mins to get her to get up)That really got to me. Then a few appts later they stood me up, and got mad when I tried to locate them and charge for the trip fee. They had done it before. I was glad to get rid of them because I never knew if they would open the door when I got there. Two Large Shih Tzus. These people always pre booked but would forget I was coming.The wife would be home and not open the door so the husband would have to call her and tell her I was outside! Weird people. I wonder how many other mobiles they have gone thru since me.


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      If someone takes off on me without making arrangements for me to put the dog back in the house and pay me, they get charged, just like the day care centers do, a buck a minute I am kept waiting after the groom is finished. It never happens twice. Either they pay me and apologize or I don't reschedule them. I don't need rude and inconsiderate clients when more often than not I have a waiting list.

      I've kept a dog with me for the day leaving messages as to where I was as the day progressed so the person could come and get their dog from me. Luckily it was a mild day so the dog was safe and comfortable waiting in the cab. Would have had to figure something else out if not.

      I have keys for the majority of my clients which makes everything so much eaiser. No issues with scheduling or if I am running early or late.



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        On Good Friday I had a very full day scheduled, so had a helper with me. The last house was 4 dogs. I had told her I would be there maybe between 2:30 and 4:00 but because the nature of the day couldn't be sure. She had been adament about wanting that day and the appointment had been prebooked 8 weeks in advance. The last 10 days I've had so many others that wanted that day but I couldn't fit any more in.
        So at 2:00 I call her to let her know I'm on my way and should get there between 20 to 30 minutes. get the answering machine. Drive over there and knock on the door and someone that doesn't speak english answers the door and doesn't know any reason why i'm there. I called two more times and after 2o minutes of trying to sit outside and figure out what I did wrong, give up and call a couple of clients from my waiting list who are happy to get me out today. Around 5:30 the lady calls me and says she's been home since 4:00 and thought we had a 4:30 appointment and she is waiting for me. To go back out that way would put me square in traffic and it's good friday and I've worked long hours all week and I just sent my help home and I'm too tired to do 4 dogs.
        It's Saturday and I still haven't called her back yet. This was her second appointment and either she will get mad and go somewhere else or she will learn that my time is valuable and I can't afford to sit around and wait on them. I would take their dog and let them find me to pick up at a later time too.


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          happend to me

          This has also happened to me. One time there was no neighbor or relative to give the dog to (it was my first groom of the day). So I ended up taking the dog to the nearest vet hospital for boarding. This cost the owner some money as the dog was not up to date on his vaccinations so they had to pay for that as well as a day of boarding!

          One other time, I ended up putting the dog in the owners screened in porch which thankfully wasn't locked. I had to pull the barbeque grill in front of the door just to make sure the dog could not get the door open (since the door was a rickety old screen door).

          Now when owners say they will leave the door open for me I say "please be sure...I know it is a habit to lock it when you leave"; then I relate my stories to them of owners who locked me out by mistake.


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            This happened to me recently. After 10 minutes of knocking, waiting and puzzling about what to do, I took the dog home and put it in a kennel at my house and then went about my day. I left a message on her phone and door. She was quite chagrined and apologized profusely. Long time client, I didn't charge and didn't actually mind once I had worked out what do do. Luckily I work in a radius where I am never more than 10 miles from my home.


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              I almost had this happen to me. I was to leave the dog in the house. I saw her husband leave & I had a bad feeling. I tried the door but it seemed locked. I came back to the rig & called the lady. Turns out the door sticks so I had to pull, push the lever down & then the door opens. Would have been nice to know this before hand lol. I had all kinds of thoughts of what to do with the dog etc because I had to drive to the other town to the boarding kennel I work at to do 4 dogs today. Keeping the dog would not have worked into my schedule, glad I didn't have to.

              The Soapy Puppy