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  • Hi Everyone

    Giving a shout out to everyone that was at the APF. Anyone on board now?

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    I was there! Had a blast! Got to meet Geddy and Ruff Cuts while I was there and that was fun to meet some NC locals from this board.


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      Oh I was there! Wasn't that a fun show?


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        Yep!! I was there. Had a blast and Ellen let me hang out for dinner LOL. Oh by the way Ellen I brought Papa by to meet you at Jodi's booth on Sunday and you weren't there. I will still get the pix of Papa making the bows though. I got to see Wetnoze, PMama3, ICare, and ParisianPooch of course Chuck and Lisa Leady. I can't wait till next year. Sorry if I left someone out. Oh! Oh! I met a lovely lady named Lorena and I don't know if she's on the board but I sure enjoyed hanging out with her. I spent too much money, too. Gosh I love that show.
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