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  • Anyone from St.George Utah

    We have been looking for places to relocate were tired of all the taxes and congestion of Ca.We do enjoy the weather tho We were checking out St. George seems close to what were looking for.I was wondering how the mobile groming business is there as I would have to take my wgnt with us.Anyone from there?

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    happy trails i'm not from st. george utah but when we drove back from indiana with my new van we made a stop there for gas and to eat and i fell in love with that place i told my husband that we should retire there everything seemed new and clean and nice people too, i was asked for a business card in the gas station and in the restaurant parking lot so it might be a good place for business.


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      I'm not from St. George, but Pixie and I are both from Northern Utah and so one of us might have something helpful.

      My parents wanted to retire to St. George for the reasons mentioned above, but decided to stay in California (they must be NUTS, lol). It is definitely becoming the "retirement place" to be, and so there are a lot of older couples, probably many with money.

      It is the home of Dixie college, somewhat of a party school, it is definitely warmer there in that climate, I'd say if I were going to go mobile in Utah, THAT would be the city to do it in.

      Now, Utah is a conservative state, moreso than most states by far. We are among the most physically healthy in the US by state, lowest rate of mortality for drunk driving accidents, lowest rate of teenage pregnancies, I can go on and on---but a lot of this is due to the large rate of Mormons here (I'm one of them). If you are a drinker you should be fine, a smoker would have people (like me) making comments at you if they get ONE WHIFF of your smoke, lol (my mom smokes like a chimney, drives me nuts, but she doesn't live here), we have the lowest smoking rate at I think 12% or so.

      Some people don't like Utah because they feel like Outsiders. I can understand that, when everything sort of "stops" on Sunday and really slows down, businesses close (grocery stores and malls are often open), and then during the week many people attend church activities and functions, so those who are not involved sometimes feel uncomfortable, like they are not a "part" of the community (I'm just giving you the flipside, that's all). Personally, I think people listen to the "bad" talk from others, about others, and go from there, rather than gaining their own perceptions by personal experience. Utah is like anywhere else, only different, LOL. I love this state for its family-oriented structure, for all the things there are to do (we have 4 national parks that are on the U.S. Top 10 list), Zion National Park, Bryce Canyon, Arches National Park and there's one other that I can't think of. Skiing in the winter, kayaking, river rafting, lots of places to bike and run.

      If you want more info. feel free to PM me, and Diane (pixie) might have her fair share of things to say about St. George, as she does a lot of camping and such, maybe they take the 5 hour drive there? Not sure.

      Tammy in Utah
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        Wow what a strange question for me. I work for SkyWest Airlines. This company is based in St George. I have been there off and on through my time with this company. I really like the laid back-ness of St George, it is very beautiful....however,
        If you like any night life at all there are 2 bars. Actually one because the other is in a hotel. They close at midnight. Many, Many retired people. If you are not going to Dixie College or work for SkyWest then you are probably retired. If you are not Morman, like mentioned above you will always be looked at as an outsider. This is one of those towns people grow up in and run away from as fast as they can just to come back when they are older to either raise a family or retire. If you like nature things this area will offer unlimited things to do. Camping, hiking, etc. Go and visit for a week or so. It is pretty small so you will see everything and do just about everything the town offers. If will give you a good idea pretty fast I think.
        Also just a side thought, there is a shuttle that runs between Las Vegas Airport and St George. About $25.00 each way. If you like the laid back life and only want some night life sometimes then you can always catch the shuttle to Vegas party and catch the shuttle home!!
        Also if anyone in your family is looking for a job SkyWest is a great company to work for and they are always hiring.


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          thanks Tammy for the info.It sounds more and more like our kind of place.we are non smokers and non drinkers.I think Utah is a beautiful state went thru it on the way to Wyo on vacation a few years ago.Is Utah a Red or a blue state?Thanks Again Robin


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            Originally posted by barepaws View Post
            If you are not Morman, like mentioned above you will always be looked at as an outsider. This is one of those towns people grow up in and run away from as fast as they can just to come back when they are older to either raise a family or retire.
            Sorry I have to correct you here. While I can't speak for everyone, I don't think that Mormons (not "mormans," we don't need any more men here, LOLOLOL), "look at others as outsiders," but people who are not Mormons often FEEL like outsiders. That is why I say that it's a lot about your attitude. I've found that people move here expecting things that are not realistic: Either they expect all these Mormons to show up at the doorstep of their new home to bring them cakes and pies and they don't, or they DO show up at their doorstep with cakes and pies and they think we're weird, they believe what their "friends" say about LDS (Latter-days Saints is the proper word for a "Mormon"), instead of just coming here without any big expectations or negative pre-judgements.

            We're just like anybody else---we are happy and nice, and we have problems and strife, some of us are more mouthy than others (like me for example, HUH STEPHEN?), and some are quietly going about doing things right day after day, like my mother-in-law who truly is a "saint." Just stick with this thought: No big expectations, no big disappointments.

            Tammy in Utah
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              I am not familiar with St. George, but just thought I'd add something to think about from a business perspective. Sometimes large retirement communities are seasonal ... in other words, the residents are there in the summer months and then move to their other home in AZ (or some other warmer climate) in the winter months. I have a mobile groomer friend that experienced this trend in Oregon. She had to really work hard in the warmer months while business was slacking in the winter months. Also, she ran across two different demographics: wealthy retirees (no problem with higher mobile rates) and middle class year round residents (who had a problem paying mobile rates -- OAY dogs!!!). Just a word to the wise, really check out the demographics and income levels in St. George before moving there.


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                Tammy has just about said it all. I can't really think of anything that she has left out. Like she said if I was going to go mobile that would be the place to do it. The weather isn't as bad in the winter as it is up at this end of Utah.

                barepaws, my daughter also works for SkyWest Airlines and just loves it.
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                  BTW, make sure you let me and Pixie know if you move here. We need to start baking pies.

                  Tammy in Utah
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                    i've never been to utah, but let me tell you something about mormons...

                    with the exception of the one i dated, they are some of the nicest, most helpful, postitive,stable people around. just to say a few things. i spent four years working in a mormon owned fastfood rest. (orange julius) and i had the greastest time, and if ever there even seemed to be a little something that was bringing me down or if i had a problem my boss would pick up on it right away and do anything to help (let me drive his truck for 3 months, even after my bf wrecked it, invited me to come up to grammas at the lake and de-stress, helped me move, etc). and when i was in culinary school my 3 best friends were all mormon, and could bake some mean pies

                    i would move to utah, have even discussed it. course i don't know how the feel about muslims there...