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    How many of you have "pull out in front of me" tatooed on the front of your van? I wondering if all the impatient people think that we are too slow or to big to follow so they drive like "jacks" to get around you or go before you. I have a 2006 E350 WGT and I think it gets out of its own way quick enough I wonder what other people think and why they drive like IDIOTS!!

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    Well, I just let the idiots go their way...My old buggy is a stick shift, so she's a little slow on the giddi-up-go from a stop, nothing I can do about it, but I don't have to go to the gas station as often...but it's still irritating so see them jump out and pass you , and then not get anywhere fast...caught by the same light I pull up too. LOL


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      happens all the time,but I also have the opposit happen,people get out of my way,pull over,wave me on ect.The perks of converting a retired ambulance! lol


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        Oh man do I hate these guys! I tow a trailer and just can't stop as fast as a car or even a van. No one thinks about this, they just cut me off. I have to always give extra space to prevent freeway accidents and be very alert!!!