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  • Mobile Pet groomer/Find New clients

    Do you recommend using site like Craigslist, Yelp, Merchant Circle to advertise your services and get referred new clients.

    I have used the site and got referred 2 clients but one of them cancelled but it is still working

    I await your feedback

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    I use Merchants circle, Yahoo Local, Yellow pages. com, Care. com and find a groomer from this board and so far the only one I have gotten calls from is (for pet sitting) and find a groomer for housecall grooming. If your not listed on find a groomer I suggest you sign up I have had five calls from that site alone in the past week.


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      Use your van! Goto local upsale dog businesses and venues (bakeries, boutiques, dog parks). Also, driving around neighborhoods you'd like to service in your van. Just by being in those areas, people assume you do their neighbors pets and that you must be pretty good if other in teh neighborhood are using ya. Make a facebook page or even take your van to a local high school car wash. While you're helping out the kids the other patrons and parents are able to see/ask about mobile grooming.


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        I have had a ton of good luck with craigslist but I have heard that others have had bad luck with it. Sure alot of the calls are price shoppers & they freak with the price. Some people say you get cheap clients but I've gotten a good mix. A few cheap clients but alot are middle of the road & high end clients too. As of this yr I haven't been liking craigslist so much just because of all the tons of spam emails I've been getting. I didn't get that the last 2yrs, only 2010 which its become a problem.

        Yelp, I can't figure out how to place an ad but I get their junk email. Merchant Circle, I've gotten nothing from & I've been with them almost 3yrs. I have a basic listing in the yellow pages & all those online phone book things, gotten a few from them. What don't like about the phone book online places is that they have to list your address, I'm mobile. I don't want people coming here. They think since its got an address its a shop. Anyway I did get a couple from findagroomer.

        < Oh forgot to mention I do have a nice website a groomer friend helped me set up. I do get alot that find my website too.

        The Soapy Puppy
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          I have ads on Craigslist and a page on Facebook. I have listings on every free search engine possible. They all lead to my website where they can get all the information there. I have only had one person call to check on prices and not schedule an appointment. BEWARE of, even though it is a free service; they use your name as a lead to call you and set up advertising. They promise the world and deliver nothing at an extragavant price and WILL NOT let get out of the contract.


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            The first 2yrs I got alot of calls for the phone books, yellowpages etc. I will only do free listings & I stand my ground. If they can't put me in their free basic listing then good bye. The only down fall is when I did first start up I only registered my name as The Soapy Puppy, people think I'm a salon or I sell puppies lol. This yr I registered another 2nd name The Soapy Puppy Mobile Grooming. I had hoped they would call to atleast list it that way but so far nothing, maybe its because its not a "new" name. Oh well.

            The Soapy Puppy


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              Get a ton of business cards printed and hand them out EVERYWHERE... Some ideas: Dog parks, Vet offices w/out their own grooming (maybe make mutual agreement to mention them if they mention you); Dog bakeries...

              Also...if you have a freshly groomed dog (see if you can get an existing client to let you "borrow" their dog) that'll get you some compliments, walk in a busy downtown area (with outdoor restaurants, that kind of thing) and when someone compliments... whip out that card!

              Also perhaps put a referral discount card together to give to your existing clients... For every client they refer (has to give them the card with their name on it) they get a discount on the next groom.

              Some ideas! Man, I need to go mobile.. Sigh... I have the ideas but not the mobile van! (I have a marketing background) One day I'll have some start up/capital to contribute!



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                We just did some market research using Constant Contact's survey software. This is how people found out about our services:

                1. Our van, which has the phone number and the web site address on the graphics.
                2. Yellow Page print advertising
                3. Google search
                4. Cable TV advertising
                5. Recommendation by current customer
                6. Business cards at local merchants

                Avoid Yelp. All it takes is ONE less than honest competitor to put a bad review out about your business. You are not allowed to refute their bad review, nor can you ask for it to be removed EVEN IF YOU CAN PROVE IT WAS A BOGUS REVIEW. You will also be hounded by their sales staff, no buying their product, you good reviews "disappear". Thankfully, they are not big in our area of the country. Craigslist works for some, not for others, it did not work for us, but did get us a lot of spam in our e-mail for Viagra and adult entertainment.
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                  Advertising at its best!

                  Your van is your "moving billboard". Remember todays fuel prices. Be seen where you want to groom...upscale neighborhoods. Find a place to pull over; safely and "sit" for hours. Try to plan for the best time of day to be seen...such as around 5pm when people are pouring back into those neighborhoods to get home...or early when leaving. Basically I have "wasted" about $6K total over 4 years in paid advertising just to realize why Wag'n Tails stressed the importance of "awesome graphics" on your van. is a moving billboard. If you just put yourself out there in "where ever land" might get some calls but from all over. You are not conserving fuel or time. Believe it or not...other than "staging" in specific areas...where I literally have up to 8 dogs scheduled on a single street...on a single day; my other best place to hang out was at Sams Warehouse. I don't know what area you are from or if you have such a place but remember...people who will pay top dollar; and tips...don't usually shop at Wal-Mart. (But of course I do)



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                    [QUOTE=Lucylove;402665]Get a ton of business cards printed and hand them out EVERYWHERE... Some ideas: Dog parks, Vet offices w/out their own grooming (maybe make mutual agreement to mention them if they mention you); Dog bakeries...

                    The vets offices that refer me the most DO have their own groomers. Don't shy away from those because they will have clients that can't come into the shop and they can refer them to you. Dogs with autoimmune issues or maybe the owner is older and has a hard time lugging the dog to the shop. The vets that refer me seem tickled that they found someone that can help in these areas. I know it's hard and the best advertising is word of mouth from your happy clients. I don't use any advertising other than my trailer and referrals. When I get a new client I always tell them that if they are happy to please refer me because I work on referrals that way I keep prices from going up so much due to advertising cost. In the beginning I took my trailer everywhere. If I went to the post office or pay bills or shopping at the mall I took my trailer. Everytime I go to a post office I get a call or someone stops to talk to me while I'm there. I service 4 towns and that's true in every single one of them. Good luck to you.
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