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  • Sharing a Mobile

    Does any one share their rigs?? I have a good groomer who wants to share the rig i am putting together, I have no idea if I want to do this or not , How much should she pay for the use of my truck? What about if there is a accident on the road or a breakdown? What are your thoughts.

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    Personally, I don't think I would do it, but with the right person I suppose it would work. Call your insurance agent and see what any ramifications would be and how much to get her on your insurance. Also you may want to consult a contract attorney and have something formal written up. At the very least if you have a friend or acquaintance who is a lawyer at least ask him or her what sort of things you should be thinking about and put your agreement in writing.


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      I share my van & equipment with another groomer. Before I had it all to myself. I freaking HATE it. The van is never as clean as I like it to be. Im not convinced that proper sanitation procedures (i.e. MY sanitation procedures) are being followed, things get broken (and nobody gets told), shampoo runs out (and nobody gets told), blades get dull, shears get dropped, stuff goes....missing. AND, she smokes in the cab.

      Then again, Im just a humble employee so there's really nothing I can do except bitch and moan to the bossman. He, in turn, scolds the offender who promises to do better. That lasts for about 72 hours then its back to square one.
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        I agree with the two previous posts. Most of us mobilers love mobile since we don't play well with others. When I worked in a shop, I hated people using my equipment, touching my stuff and not being as cleanly as I'd like. I can't imagine sharing my rig and possibly having these issues again.


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          Ask yourself WHY the other groomer wants to SHARE your rig. You didn't mention if that groomer is putting some skin in the game to pay for the rig up front.

          Even building our own rig was a costly affair, and to replace it would cost about $50K, as we would have to buy one already made on the used market. Does your potential partner have that kind of cash? Insurance usually covers cash value unless you pay extra for replacement cost insurance. A hefty claim caused by your potential partner would make YOUR rates go up.

          It sounds like a situation where the other groomer wants all of the benefits with little or no risk. You will probably get so busy in about a year that you will not be able to share the rig in any instance, what will you do then?

          My advice is "Run, Forrest! Run!"
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            Sharing a Mobile

            I want to go mobile so bad that I am considering accepting a similar offer. The offer is share or lease. I would have to work her route either way. On the lease I would have to take care of all of the overhead. Any thoughts?


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              Thanks for the input, It sounded good to start with but my husband pretty much said the same as you guys........ He is constantly telling me to quit being nice and helping every one bec. I am the one who usually ends up with nothing. She would have no skin in the game. She has her own clients in a different town . Says she would pay for anything that goes wrong but if she could do that then she should be able to get her own rig together. Plus how long would I have to wait for her to fix any problems and it might cost me lost work days. Too many potential problems, I had to wait forever to get to this point I guess she will too....

              Thanks again You guys always have the right info.LOL


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                Pasok9, it's hard sometimes to do what you have to do when your first instinct is to be nice and helpful, but you have made the right decision, so if she sulks or anything try not to second guess yourself. Like you said, it took you forever to get to where you are. Not only is it fair to for her to have to do the same ... she could take away what you have worked so hard to achieve in an instant. We may all have insurance on our vans, but these are very specialized vehicles and to have them back on the road after an accident can take a loooooong (uncompensated) time.

                Be at peace with the decision you have made not to help in this way. When you get calls from the areas she serves that you do not, you can help by giving her name as a referral. There are many ways in which you can help this woman withou risking your hard earned business.



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                  That sounds like trouble brewing in the future. Sooner or later you or her will be busier and need it more and the other will want it more or both at the same time. You may have increased your customer base and want to make more money so you will need the van more days and she will have the same plan - then what?
                  Share gas/insurance/maintenence?

                  Also better find out the laws reguarding what you are thinking of. What are your rights and what are hers. What if you want to get rid of her? What if she doesn't pay her half of the bills? Don't assume anything!