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My first dog I couldn't groom in the van

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  • My first dog I couldn't groom in the van

    Today was the first time I haven't been able to groom a dog in my van. It was a collie/shepard x. I think my jaw must have fell to the ground when I pulled in the driveway and saw the dog. She was absolutely huge. I think my saddle from my old horse would have fit it. Seriously, she was the widest dog I've ever seen. She was 12 years old and her coat was packed solid. I knew almost immediatley the groom wasn't going to happen...but I tried. We got the dog into the van, she actually helped a little and pulled herself in. That was as far as we got. The husband and I could not pick the dog up to get it on the table. I have groomed St. Bernards, but this dog made them seem like shelties. There was no way. I couldn't leave with the dog in the shape it was in. I spent 1 1/2 hours getting out as much undercoat as I could, and brushing out the clumps. I used the HV to blow out much of it, but the van was absolutely covered in hair, dirt and skin flakes. I lifted up her tail and there was enough poop attached to her tail and in between her legs to fill a peanut butter job, and the stench? Ugh! I can still smell it. I shaved out what I could, did the pads, cleaned the ears and cut the nails. i told the owners that the dog really needed to get a bath somewhere because of the condition of the hind end. What's the first thing the owner did when we went in the house? Gave the dog a treat, of course.

    I really felt bad that I couldn't get the dog in the bathtub, but I did my best.
    don't find yourself up a creek without a poodle.

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    The weather where you are may not permit this, but, I have a few I cannot do in the trailer, so I tether them up and do the bath portion in the yard, then finish in the trailer. Do you keep rinse-less shampoo on board? That, or sponge bathing is better than no washing IMO. If you hold a warm, soapy washcloth on the butt, it will soften the yuk, and you can gently clean it up. It sounds like you did what you could though, and I'll bet he really felt a lot better! By the way, did you charge the same even though you could NOT bathe? I always have trouble with these cases, sometimes I charge a little all comes down to time spent on the work.


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      I admire you for trying. I do hope you were paid well and got a big tip too. Sounds like owners are clueless.


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        Didn't anyone ever tell ya that we groomers know how to perform miracles? Yeah right ! That's what the customer thinks. They need a reality check.


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          uggg.....when I took a shower after getting home, as soon as the water touched me all I could smell was the smell of that dog...he was all over me, lol. Unfortunately, it was 40 yesterday, so I couldn't bathe the dog outside, and I couldn't hold up the dog well enough to spend the time needed to really clean out the hind end. (I did get most of it though). I really felt bad for the dog, and was going to charge hardly anything, but after an 1 1/2 that changed. I was on the phone with another mobile groomer (You know who you are) and she reminded me that it was not my fault the dog was in the condition it was. I didn't overfeed it, I didn't neglect to take her for a walk, I'm not the one who didn't brush her or bring her to be yes, I did charge for a groom. (Did feel a little guilty though).
          don't find yourself up a creek without a poodle.


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            I had a St. bernard like that the owner killed with kindness.


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              re saint

              Hey Piffy

              Is this that grossly obese saint that would not fit thru a 30" doorway?
              I had seen it and refused it also, I think it weighed over 250 lbs. Way to fat. Did she feed it to death?


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                Well if your determined, you could bring a hose and see if you can't hook it up to an internal faucet at the clients home and then wash her outside on a nice day. I'm sure that they wouldn't mind, especially since it doesn't sound like any other groomer is knocking down the door.

                I'll be doing this next week at my client with 2 OES. I posted about them before, well I went back to just brush them. Ha!!!!! you wouldn't believe the mudd caked on them. So I gave them the ultimatum of paying me double and letting me first wash them outside using a faucet from their garage. They happily said yes! I thought so!!!!


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                  I have a shep collie mix too that is HUGE. this is the fattest dog I have ever seen. He gets an Arby's roast beef every day to take his pills, free feeds on dry a can of food and steak in the morning, and a steak at night. Oh I am sure he snacks on the cat food too. I told the lady she is killing him and she was like, I can't starve him. He really does not eat much. My jaw hit the floor. It takes the 2 of us to get his big fat butt on the table. He is so fat he was sitting and I was dremmeling his back nails and he took a deap breath and his belly moved so much the hair went zip right into the dremmel and he bit me. The owner just about cried because it hurt her poor baby. Yeah, yeah, if your dog was not so fat this would not have happened. I hate it when the owners insist on being in the trailer. The olny good that comes of it is less lifting for me. No way could I lift him by myself.
                  If your dog is fat, you are not getting enough exercise!