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Current market for mobile in Oregon? Anyone willing to share? PLEASE?

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  • Current market for mobile in Oregon? Anyone willing to share? PLEASE?

    Hi all, I've recently decided I'd like to get back into grooming. Took a few years off when I had my baby. I want to go mobile. The thing is, I've searched on this WONDERFUL website and found some posts regarding mobile/Oregon however these are at least two years old. I know there are several mobile groomers in the Portland area, and I'm just wondering how the market is going? Is there room for one more? Are people hurting for business? It's really hard to try and figure out if I would be successful when most people aren't willing to talk to you. Makes it hard to research. I don't mind doing big dogs and I know a lot of people try to limit them in mobile, so was hoping that might be helpful for me. also, I only want a part time biz as well. I'm currently located in a smaller town about 30 minutes from Portland so was hoping to get some clients close to me, but also don't mind driving in a bit. Would anyone be willing to lend some advice on the current market in the NW region? pretty please? : )

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    Economy wise its picking up. I'm in WA, near Puyallup if you know where that is. That is a big town but its 15 - 35 mins depending on traffic & location they are. If you are a go getter, good at selling your business to your clients & the demand is there then go for it. For me i'm not good at those things so its been slow. This yr though it has really picked up. When I started 3yrs ago no one around here knew about mobile & all I got was people freaking out at the price. Now people are calling & not freaking. I know up north, Seattle & above the demand is alot more & the mobiles up there are alot busier.

    I too went mobile after having a kid. My daughter comes with me if hubby isn't home to babysit. Next yr she will be in school. This yr I am finally up to part time with my business, avg about 7dogs a week. I'd like to get a little closer to full time though. I think to be part time its all about scheduling. The frustrating part is if you booked a good schedule & someone cancels right in the middle. Puts a huge hole in your day.

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      Portland is great for mobile because it is one of the most dog friendly cities in the country, so there is a large population of dogs, as well as people that like to support local business. We are booked 3 to 6 weeks out doing just west side (Beaverton, Hillsboro, Tigard, West Hiils)...but there are quite a few mobile groomers here as well, local businesses as well as the big franchises. Since you are only looking to do it part time, I don't think you should have a problem filling a few appointments a week. If you focus on some of the outlying regions like St. Helens or Scappoose, those areas might be completely untapped, though I don't know enough about the areas to know if they would be receptive to mobile service or pricing.