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    Well i am getting my new to me van saturday. I am very excited but very scared. There is a clipper vac in it. I have never used one. Is there and videos out or learning material that I can find for now. I want to go to some seminars when the hershey show comes to town, but till then I need someting!! help Please.

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    Contact Marlene Romani. (MDC Romani) She has all kinds of videos about using the clipper vac. Once you get used to it, you will wonder how you ever groomed without it!! Also ask her about the rake & vac tool. I just bought one at APF and LOVE IT! It looks kind of like a coat king, but it attaches to the clipper vac extension, so when you are combing out those thick shelties and poms, it is sucking the dead hair out too!

    Just remember, when you are using the clipper vac it will make your blade cut the hair shorter. Ex. If you are using a 4F with the vac, it will clip about the length of a 5F.

    Enjoy it, it will make your grooming life soooo much easier and keep your van a whole lot cleaner!


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      Do not fret! Just start the vac out on low and clip. You can always add suction. Once you get the hang of it, you'll love it!


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        A few tips

        Well, at least one - use a blade 2 sizes longer than the length you would normally use, since the suction makes for a short cut. So use a 4 if you would normally use a 7. Use snapon combs the same way.

        On straight coats like labs and other shorthairs that are getting a clip, a reverse clip with low suction works great. I have not liked the result of clipping with the grain with a clipper vac on a coat that lies down, although many do it, so I hear.

        Clipper vac is wonderful for those fluffy, scissored dogs - just use a longer snapon and give it a go! Quicker and neater. If it's a bit long, try increasing the suction. If that doesn't work, go back to low suction and use the next shorter comb.

        Have fun! I'm still experimenting.


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          You are going to love it! I love it for drop coats, almost cannot groom one without it now. And the minimal mess cleanup, really is a must have piece of equipment!


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            Thanks for all your help!!