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Almost in an ACCIDENT but I was parked

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  • Almost in an ACCIDENT but I was parked

    Good God had the holy B'Jesus scared right out of me. I was parked in my client's driveway grooming her little maltese when all of a sudden I hear tires screaming and a car has come around the corner and up over the curb across the neighbor's lawn headed straight for my truck.

    How I managed to get the dog and myself out of the truck I still don't know. Fortunately I wasn't hit. The driver swerved just in time, went across the street and hit that curb and corrected and went down the street five houses down and bailed. There were four of them.

    My client, her neighbors all came running out of the houses. The police were called. Hurray they were caught. The car was stolen from another county since last Oct. The driver just got out of jail, (going back for a long time) one of the others has a warrant already. Will be joining his friend for a long period. Don't know anything about the other two.

    Posted pics, you can see how darn close I came to being creamed. You can see the tire marks and the grass thrown under my truck.

    Some days mobile grooming is just so much damn fun!
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    i've been rear ended while PARKED in a clients driveway.
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      me too...

      I got hit by a client that spoke with me about leaving then went infront of my vehicle to get in hers then put the pedal to the metal and floored it backing out and smacked right into the front of my car, i didn't even know what to say, then when i put the dog up rolled my cord up and tried to move out of her way (cause she forgot i would have to do that ) she backed right into the ditch, what a ditzy woman


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        YIKES!!! That was close!! Glad you and your van are still in 1 piece!