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I found a new advertising technique

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  • I found a new advertising technique

    Put fuel in your van.

    Yep, as you may know this is my first yr being a mobile groomer.In the last three months I have had almost no new customers.

    I noticed a trend if I put fuel in the van every day ($5) I have been getting one or two people asking for my card.That is my tip for the day.

    How many people will book I do not know but at least I am getting my name out there. Has anyone else had this happen to them?

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    I don't have a van yet but do pet sitting, dog walking and housecall and have magnets on my car and have had people ask for a card at gas statiions, the post office etc. So drive your van to many places you go and put magnets that say take one on your van or a card holder with cards that say take one and park it while your shopping etc.


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      That is awesome!
      I'm not mobile but I advertise my salon with magnets on my car. I have gotten a lot of business at the gas station while filling up. It works really well. I also bought some of the magnet cards from Vista Print and stick them to my car as well so that people can just take one....I find them missing all the time
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        You could also park it a McDonalds at least in my area (Indiana) cars are always lined up to the street.


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          I got asked for cards every time I was at Staples.