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My OWN dogs are the worst!!

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  • My OWN dogs are the worst!!

    I just dread grooming my own two dogs. They are just awful!! When I put them in the van, as soon as they realize this isn't a trip to the dog park the hysterics start. I have a Beagle, she's 7 or 8, we rescued her six years ago and the vet guess she was 1 or 2 years old at the time. I cut her some slack because we have no idea what her story is, but after six years of being groomed by me in a gentle caring manner with plenty of treats, you'd think she'd chill out, no? My other dog is a Beagle mix who looks like a 6 month old Lab puppy even though he'll be four years in a couple of weeks. He was rescued as a puppy, the Mom, a Field Spaniel, was in a foster home when she had her litter. He had a wonderful puppyhood and we've had him since he was 3 months old and the foster home was great. I am the only groomer he has known, I'm his "Mom," yet the whining and carrying on he does when I groom him are unbelievable!!

    My own two dogs are the only dogs I have not been able to table train. It is ridiculous. They are a groomer's dogs and should have nice short nails and always be nice smelling, yet with their antics I groom them as little as I can get away with. Typically when my DH says he wants to ban them from the bedroom ;-)

    Right now they are wrapped together on the couch sleeping off their groom. They get so worked up that when I bring them back inside they rub themselves into the carpet, then collapse and sleep for the rest of the day. My dogs are nutz but I love them dearly.


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    Too funny. I normally keep my grooming table in the back of my car, but sometimes I will bring it in the house. The minute my 2 dogs see the table, they run and hide. They act like I am going to do them bodily harm when they see the grooming table....... God forbid they get a bath and have their nails trimmed,,,,lol


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      Your younger dog probably took his cue from your drama queen. I would do him FIRST and NOT let her in the van. Leave her behind and start a new routine with the younger one away from the bad influence.

      Second, I think Cesar Millan puts it quite well when he explains not to "reward" a bad state of mind. In other words, don't treat the drama queen when she is acting anxious, ditzy, etc. The treats may have enticed her to "keep on keepin' on" with the drama instead of shown her that all is well. Besides, Beagle types are crazy about food, so it may actually increase her excitement, I don't know. There ARE ways to use food, but it should be when she is CALM and doing things the way you want.

      Might be worth a try.


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        maybe you could let someone else try it once? Mine are not good either and I notice that I do get really frustrated because , these are my dogs they are supposed to be the best! but they arent they usually do better with other people, good thing they are all just bath dogs, oh and my vets dog is bad for shots lol....ever heard the saying mechanics have the most broke down cars? well this groomer has the stinkiest dogs lol


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          Some dogs don't like to be groomed no matter what! You can have a t bone steak balanced on the tip of your nose, it ain't gonna happen. lol


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            I loved it when I

            saw the title on this post. I thought OH somebody else has this problem! My sweet little poodle, Tiki, is a mess when it comes to grooming. I have such success stories with my clients but when it comes to my own - pfffttt - that little booger spins in the tub and shakes and freaks and thinks she is dyin' when I trim her nails. The blow dryer, my GOSH, you would think she had never heard it before in her life, every time we groom. I have tried everything - centering myself, positive thoughts, no reactiing to scolding her (I know, does not work and I don't even do that to my customers dogs). Like you I dread grooming her so the GK (groomer's kid - you know like a PK - preacher's kid? - ha!) is the one who is groomed the least, because I just dread it. I sure do love it afterwards tho when she sleeps with me and smells like no bed partner I have ever had, and I can kiss and love on her without holding my nose - okay, it's not all as bad as I maybe described, but I DO understand and was relieved to hear other GKs have fits like mine.


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              Right there with you

              My kids here the phrase "who wants to go to work with mommy" they all scatter and hide. So I have to say who wants to go to the park and then they start moving. At least they are all pretty good to groom but my pug and my pom mix hate to have their nails trimmed and I'm almost to the point where I'll pay someone else to do it. LOL
              "I've seen a look in dogs' eyes, a quickly vanishing look of amazed contempt,
              and I am convinced that basically dogs think humans are nuts." - John Steinbeck


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                I have 2 Standard Poodles. Both 11 years old, and I've had them since they were 6 & 8 weeks old. My female is wonderful to groom, although she was horrifying the first 3 or 4 times but that was just a puppy thing. My male..... he's another story altogether. **sigh** I can be "thinking" about taking him to my shop and he hides. Any other time I tell him we're going for a ride, he barrels into the SUV like a kid running towards a carnival ride. But if I'm going to the shop? Pffhhhttt.... I have to physically pick him up and force him in there. He then hugs the back seat all the way, shaking like a leaf. But that's just the beginning of my torture. Shaving his face is an absolute nightmare. He fights my every move, and now that he's gotten older he has moles on his face that are impossible to avoid while he's whipping his head in every direction at 90mph. Shaving his feet isn't all that much easier. Bathing, drying and shaving are not bad ... yet - of course, he shakes the entire time as if he is being tortured. Sometimes he even adds a little bit more drama by chattering his teeth. But by the time I'm done wrestling with him trying to get his face shaved without mutilating every mole, I'm so worn out I want to cry. If he was anyone elses dog, I would refuse to groom him.

                I don't know why he is like that. He wasn't always this bad. As a matter of fact, I don't recall ever dreading grooming him until the past 5 years, and then it just progressivly got worse. I have seriously considered having another groomer attempt it not only to give ME a break, but also just to see, out of curiosity, if he would act like such a bonehead for somebody else. But I honestly don't have the heart to do that to another groomer because he is a PITA deluxe.


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                  Maybe the average groomer would consider my Sibes a dream? They readily trot up to the tub, "assist" in being lifted in - light as little feathers, stand quietly while being clipped to the eyebolt, and rarely...if ever...make noise or shake water all over the bather.

                  Wanna know why???? I'll tell you why. Because it's impossible to do all those naughty things WHEN YOU ARE CURLED UP LIKE A TINY, TIGHT, SNAIL BALL THING ON THE FLOOR OF THE TUB!
                  I have to pry their heads out of their spleens to shampoo and rinse them...every time I straightened a leg out...then let it go...SNAP, right back into the triple-jointed tuck it goes.
                  When I DO manage to get them on their feet...Gawd forbid I lift the tail to rinse britches...the front end sinks to the tub floor again...a lot like a well pump end up..the other end down. Lift the chin to get the throat...boom, down sinks the rear.

                  And what's with the normally 40 lb weighing 97 pounds in the tub?

                  1/2 the time...I just pay my asst to bathe them. They behave just fine for her. Yup. They're all down there "la-la-la-la-la, this is really fun, we love it when asst. gives us baths, la-lal-la." Bitches.
                  Often it's not what you say, but how you say it.


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                    I am lucky that basil is a doll for bathing and drying, he does his best impression of a kicked puppy the whole time. His nails are a different story all together, won't let you anywhere near his feet, he just walks in circles and since he is as big as I am I have a hard time stopping him!


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                      I groom from my home and when my dogs see me coming towards them, with my grooming smock on, they run downstairs and try to hide from me. My Havanese stands on the grooming table, stiff as a board, and shivers and shakes like I'm torturing him. I don't think that I've even so much as quicked a nail on him, but he still makes me feel like Cruella Deville. Once caught and tabled, my Bichon is fine, and stands well for everything but his nails, he even seems to enjoy the process and prances around like a little prince once he is beautified.


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                        My Weimie must have been zapped/shocked in the first 8 weeks of her life before she came to me. She gets up off the couch if anyone on the couch reaches for the light. She gets off the bed when I reach to turn the light off (and sometimes she is really snuggled in).
                        When I try to bathe her in my van, she tries to climb the tub walls if I don't keep one of her front paws on the floor in my hand. She is sure the water pump behind the stainless steel walll is going to do her in.
                        Now I can walk her into my shower with me and give her a relaxing bath, massage, rinse, and towe-time. I put my safety-seat in the shower so that I can relax and take my time bathing her.
                        She loves table time.
                        I keep a table poolside. I like to roll my Cairn's coat. He lays on his side and daydreams. My Weimie leans against me as if to say, "Is it time for me yet?"
                        It is nice to hear that other professionals have a challenging time with their own furbabies.


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                          Now you are just too funny and I think you should write a book. "while pulling their heads out of their spleens"...I'm yuckin' it up.


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                            I have a dog and cannot dry her!! I have to bathe her, let her run around the house then groom her once she's air dried. Thankfully she is good for that. But, as I tell owners who say they can't get near their dogs to brush them, and they're amazed about what I can do, "fluffy" knows you're their mom and can get away with stuff!!!

                            I had one client who I told I cannot dry my own dog ask me if its cause I'm gentler with her. I said, "heck no! I'm harder on her cause she is MY dog!!!!" I've tried everything in my power and I just cannot do it!


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                              I take my dogs into work with me every day. They LOVE to go to work. They put up such a fuss if it looks like I am leaving without them. But if I take them ONE step beyond their pens, their butts hit the floor and they the whining starts.

                              All I need to do is touch a comb and Pippin will run and hide. Baggins ACTUALLY tries to bite me when I dremel his nails and he trembles and cries like a baby in the tub. Rosie tries to bite the dryer nozzle. But Nikko and Dottie are angels. I handstrip them and they are wonderful.
                              "The most affectionate creature in the world is a wet dog." -Ambrose Bierce