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  • Thrilled a new Customer

    Today I had a new customer with a cavalier/Bichon mix. She had a groomer she used for the longest time, but the groomer moved away. I was referred to her from one of regulars. When I booked the appointment she told me it might be a shave down because they had to leave the dog with a friend for a couple of weeks while her husband was in the Hospital recovering from bypass surgery. She said they always brushed and bathed her weekly and that she had gone two weeks past her normal grooming schedule and their pet sitter didn't keep her brushed.

    So I arrived today and yes she was matted, but only a couple spots were really bad. when I got into to it I thought it was going to be a shave down and she told me to do what I could, but she said anything would be better than her last groom, but she acted like she didn't have any confidence in me. The last few groomers had really messed her over, her coat was different lengths.

    So on the table goes Bella and I soak her down in demat solution. Bella was the bomb. She stood there and let me do the groom. I worked the mats out and she didn't seem to care one way or the other. She would hand me her leg as almost she wanted me to make her look good.

    When I got down I sat her down and opened the door to the house and she went sprinting to her owners and they were amazed at my grooming. They told me that was the best she has ever looked and were amazed that I was able to save her coat. I smiled and said well let me tell you what the bill is first and they didn't care, they gave me a tip on top of that and booked me 4 weeks out for the rest of the year. I also thanked them for brushing her and bathing her all the time, because there is no way any dog that is not groomed at home on a regular basis would have been that patient with any groomer when it comes to dematting them.

    I am so mad I didn't have my camera with me today. She leave bella long, 3/4" on the body, 1" on the legs with a teddy head. and very long ears.