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  • Ticks Ticks and More Ticks

    I thought it was too early in the season in our area for them to be out, but today I took on a new client that had two outside dogs. they were border collie mixes and they were a matted mess. I knew that coming into the situation and they were complete shave downs. What I didn't expect was all of the ticks.

    Now I probably should have taken the time to de-tick them, but that would have taken all day. So I just did a bath in dawn, and followed up with a flea and tick shampoo. I felt bad about not taking the time to remove all of them, but the owner didn't really want to pay me to do so.

    What I'm more concerned about is if any of those little boogers got loose in my mobile. I cleaned and sprayed everything down and bagged all the loose hair out of vac and trash can and sanitized all my blades.

    Is there anything I am missing or should do differently just to make sure my mobile is sanitized. What do you all do?

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    I don't have a clue what I would do, I have never seen that problem before. I think I may have died!! Yikes!!


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      Are you telling us that you LEFT ticks on this dog after grooming??............ for the Grace of God, please tell me that I misunderstood you !!

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        Just a bit of info on tick control in any indoor emvironment....foggers are not going to do any good, don't bother using them. In a home you MUST have a professional come in and spray thoroughly. Ticks are much harder to get rid of than fleas!



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          Personally, if I get to a dog and it is covered in ticks, it goes HOME or to the vet. Whichever we can do. If I was mobile, I would send them back to the house. I would NOT groom a dog that was covered in ticks. 2 or 3 maybe, more than that and its my discretion. Ticks and a major health concern and can cause death if left alone, and most people that own dogs dont know that.
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            We're talking along the lines of about 150 ticks on each dog.

            If you saw them they were matted beyond belief. The one dog had big long battons, like a foot long hanging all over it matted with cocaburs, stickers and mud and hard as rock. The feet had cocaburs in the pads and between the toes. It was awful. I did what I could do and gave them some relief, but the owner wasn't going to pay me any more for my time.

            Beyond that if it had only been a few ticks, I would have removed them, but the diseases that ticks carry are not something to mess with. I told the owner they needed to take the dog to the vet and have the vet techs remove them.


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              i'm in so cali

              and today was the first time i told a client that i could not groom the dog because of the ticks! he always has some but maybe less than 10 and i would take them out and groom him but today as i was starting to check him through i saw around 20 of them just crawling on the top of his fur! so for my safety i sprayed him a little with a tick and flea mist and i called the owner to come to the van to get him (because i did not want to hold him)i explained how dangerous ticks can be to the dog and to us and that for health reasons and safety i could not groom him today and to take care of the problem ASAP or they would get in the house and on them too! the good thing was that she understood the problem and she said she would take care of it. I hope she does because i felt so bad for the dog he had tons of them!

              dolly i think she did leave the ticks on the dog but dead ones only! sometimes people don't want to pay you for the time you spend taking them out so why should you do it for free? maybe if it's under 10 or so yes but anything more than that takes time and you know what they say TIME is money! and i'm not willing to give it up for free.


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                I am always on the fence with the tick subject, remove or not..I freak out if I get a tick on me, literally go into a panic because I am afraid of their creepy diseases. I get a lot of dog w/ticks and I stand and pick and pick and pick until I get everyone I can find. I don't want to and I am p'od' when I get done because of the time it cost me, but...I just can't leave them on the dog, they could get diseased too. Or I think of how grossed out I get if I have one and wonder if the dogs do too? But they can't pick them off themselves. A little goofy I know, but oh well, lol.


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                  Aw, HAYUL to the NAW! [KANK!] STRAIGHT to the curb!
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                    We get our share of ticks also. Frontline Plus is the only thing that actually gets rid of the ticks -- some dogs need it to be placed at the withers and base of the tail but they will fall out the next day or so. Yea, removing 150 ticks ... not good.

                    If I were you, I would be showering w/vinegar to make sure none embed in you. Nothing like little tiny legs wiggling from your shoulder.

                    I hear that if you shower within 24 hrs they usually will not embed in you. Not sure if it is a wives tale or not ... I shower when I get home just to be safe. Yep, need the strong chemicals from the exterminator for the trailer. I am sure there are some crawling around. Bummer.


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                      Just today

                      I found a deer tick on my dog. Some may remember a woman who is so into natural etc. that her dog has had tapeworms, ticks, and lots of fleas. She gets them down and they come back. I about freaked out when she casually mentioned seeing a tick crawling on her pillow.

                      I did a Golden Ret. once that had hundreds of baby ticks. I could not remove all those teeny creatures. I used a special shampoo.
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