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A Lamb Cut on a Cat??-Help???

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  • A Lamb Cut on a Cat??-Help???

    I'm fairly new at grooming-been doing plenty of Lion cuts on cats-and just now feel like I'm getting the hang of them--but today I had a request for a lamb cut on a Longhair cat--Anyone have any ideas of how I'd do this?
    Thanks in Advance--

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    the first thing that popped in my head is an all over short clip but what i always do when i get to a 1st time clients house is go over how exactly they want the animal to end up looking and then i decide in my head what will get the animal to that point. ppl will use all kinds of terminology that you might not use so thats why i do a consult with the owner before i ever begin the haircut so i can get a specific idea.

    hope that helps.


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      With my clients, a lamb cut on a cat usually translates into making a longhaired cat into a short haired cat. I've had very good luck using anything from 1/2" to an 1" s.o. comb under a 15 blade. I usually go in reverse since it gives such a nice finish. Of course, the clipper vac makes all the difference!
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        I agree with PuppyFluffer - it is probably doing a reverse SC to take off the extra length. And, yes, a clipper vac certainly helps with the procedure.

        My kitty customers usually request a fairly short coat - #1 to #2 in reverse makes them happy.

        If you have never done it before, be aware the cat looks like a freshly plowed field when freshly done, but it smooths out over time and looks great within a couple of days.


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          Originally posted by Doubledogdare View Post
          the cat looks like a freshly plowed field when freshly done
          That's a great description. I'm going to start using that, if you don't mind.
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            I also agree with PF. But would just add to ask her to bring in any pictures if she has them. I wouldn't have a problem telling her that you are unfamiliar with the term and you just want to make sure you do the right thing.


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              would going over the liines with thinners to blend the liines work on a cat? just wondering - I dont do many cats.only 2. just thinking it "might" help?Ive never tried it. the 2 cats I do get a #7. they have been getting that long before I ever touched them.


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                no scissors!

                I always work in reverse, it makes a much smoother finish. I dont have a clipper vac, but the metal wahl combs over a 30 blade, work wonderfully. as Danelle says "cats and scissors dont mix". after I had done a lot of cats and got comfortable with them, I started using my 40 blade to skim the edges on mane and boots. like skimming the fuzzies on doggies. I dont do many lamb or long cuts, but I have gotten a lot better at smoothing them now. practice, practice.