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  • Park and Groom?

    Does anyone here have a day or two a month that they park in one location and have the clients come to them? Like at a large shopping mall or something- they drop off Fido, go in to shop, have lunch, whatever, and come back out and get the dog? I know it kind of defeats the purpose of mobile, other than it's still a fast turn around, but I have a number of clients that live a LONG distance from me. I'm still in my shop, going mobile in a couple of months, and would really like to set some boundaries on how far I'm willing to drive to an appointment. My city is extremely spread out, and I even have some that come in from the outlying towns.

    The only thing I can think of to offer those clients is something like this, so I don't feel like I'm abandoning them. Some of them are very good clients, I just don't want to drive an hour to get to them! So, does anyone do something like this? Did you get permission from the property owner to do it?


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    Unless you get permission to conduct business on private property, you may get yourself into some hot water. It only takes one complaint to shut you down and possibly get a fine. Be careful !


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      in my town, you have to have a permit..and its only good for one day I believe..but you have to file the papers and stuff and get the owner of the property's permission, in writing. sux


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        I do:-) My Mom works for Disney and once a month I go there. They bring me their dogs at the beginning of their day (on this day I bring 5 collapsible cages) and I groom their dogs. It is a loooong day but an easy day as I don't have to fight Orlando traffic.


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          I have 2 clients they are friends one lives close by the other far away. They book the same time and then one drives to the local one so it is convenient for me and they like the way I groom their dogs so it works out for everyone. I have groomed at a gas station and at a strip mall or their place of business. I haven't had any problems yet?!!? Mostly for the convenience of our busy schedules.


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            I work at a vet clinic once a week parking in their lot and going in to get the dogs that have been dropped off for the day. Bonus being associated with the vet and easily knowing all the dogs are up to date on their shots. The vet clinic staff books those appointments and I make 80% of the grooms and get a hefty discount for my pets for any vet services I need. I refer dogs from my mobile route that I cannot handle myself to book me through the vet clinic where I can get assistance from a tech if I need it. It has worked out very well for me. Often I am booked out a month or more in advance with my mobile biz and if I get a call from someone who lives close to me and I don't want to turn down the new client and they can't wait for my next opening I can start them off on the vet clinic day.