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    I have a client that says I should be more competive in her nieghbor hood. She is trying other mobile groomers out, while she is keeping me. Don't ask because it makes no sense. And she is a liar. She told me last night that she wants to spoil her dog every few months with a spa treatment. I called my friend at XXXXX and found she has an appointment in 3 weeks with her. I am always looking for new ideas and products, in fact there was a product listed on another thread that I will be ordering soon. She told me that she would pay more for extra services,...

    I am going to take her advice, and try to expand my offerings. Now her is the question:

    Pet massage does anybody do it? what would be going rates? how do you promote this? does it really benifit the dog? I have seen some web sites that offer training programs, has anybody done them and feedback regarding them? does certification matter since there is no national requirements?
    Could you offer pet massage only no grooming?

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    I've read in some posts here that pet massage was illegal is some states. Get the facts first, might save you some headaches later??


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      It all depends on the state you live in and the "concensus" of the veterinary board in that state. Search for a thread here called Equissage. You'll see my opinion and cautions on that topic. If you can't find it, PM me.


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        I took a seminar in Hershey, penn. The instructor said there are certain massages that are safe but to be careful for certain dogs with health problems.Basically she said if you are not an expert in massage to stick with a safe massage and to do research and reading. Massage is beneficial to the pet just like it is to a person. I personally dont see why you couldnt offer this as its own service if it is legal in your state. Depending on your clients needs and the demand for it , it might be good to add as and add on package say with toothbrushing. Think the pets would enjoy it especially since grooming isnt always a dogs favorite thing to do.


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          I think there is a big difference in giving a massage that just feels good (massaging the temples, feet, neck and back muscles) vs a massage that is meant to treat particular ailments, range of motion therapy, etc. If you are going to get into something to make extra money, you need to get certified and know what you are doing first! There is a canine massage therapy cert you can get online. You follow the classes, then, finish with a 1 week hands on and practical test up in Oregon as an example.