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    What part of a grooming program would help u in ur mobile business if u use a smart phone

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    My smart phone (Verizon/Treo phone) is a few years old now, but I use the Outlook Calendar to keep track of all of my appointments (as well as all the info for the grooming) and I have all of my customer contact info in the address book on the phone. That way I can tell by the ring of my phone whether or not the call is from an existing customer or a potential new customer. Also, if the call if from an existing customer their name appears on my phone (not the phone number).

    I can carry all of my information in my pocket. I synch the phone to my computer so I have a back up of all of my information.


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      The same here. I use Quickbook for the business and Outlook for e-mail, and calendar. The client's info can be synced to Outlook and then straight to my phone. I only to enter the info once. I also can tranfer all of my appointments to my phone. I just added the Internet service to the phone last month. Now I can check e-mails during the day but I don't have time to answer e-mails until I get home. Now, you can also have credit card service through i phone.


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        I have a Blackberry (in December changing to a Pre). All of my schedules and client lists are on Google Apps. I can load my 2 groomers calendars onto my Blackberry too. I used to take a computer with me and a sprint card but now I just use my Blackberry. I love it. I can also get all of my emails during the day, new customers too. I then forward those to my gal who schedules my appointments. I love the process!! Thank God for husbands who know the IT business.


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          Palm Pre

          I used a Palm Treo for four years, all my data in Outlook -- client data base, calendar ... anyway, I recently upgraded to a Palm Pre. Still getting used to it and I need to download a third party program that will let me sync to my desktop -- right now my data gets backed up to Google in "the clouds" and I am no 100% comfortable with that. Not even 90% comfortable. So far though I like the Pre. Just need to figure out the syncing thing -- and there IS a solution, I'm just not all that good at figuring these things out ;-)


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            pda data

            i use 123 pet software and it has a little application that transfer your data for the next 14 every time you sync, you will need a windows phone but is great, the only con is that you can not add to it, but i also take my mini laptop with me, and do all the appointments there, i love that i can get reports on everything, i really like the outlook idea, cause you can use any phone, not just a windows one