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  • 'parking' question

    I have made my decision, maybe I am crazy but oh well, lol. I'm going mobile. It will be at least a year before I can, but thats ok.
    Upon explaining mobile to my family members, and I will add only 1 person 'gets it'-mobile concept that is...I was telling them Ideally a day consists of booking close to the same neighborhood/community/HOA
    They said, 'but some HOA's, cities, town,etc. may not let you sit in front or pull in a driveway for 1-3 hours at an appointment.
    Legitimate question.
    Anyone run into this problem? Or is mobile no different than having a call a plumber, electrician, etc. ?
    I can see some areas in which you reside or store your van that would require a permit or license.
    So theres my 'parking' question.

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    Most restrictions are placed on the HOA MEMBER, not tradespeople such as plumbers, electricians, landscape maintenance companies and mobile pet groomers. People still need services whether they live in an HOA community or not.

    The only restriction I have run into is not being an "approved" service provider. Yes, in one community here, it you are not on the "approved" list, you are not allowed into the gated community. The HOA owns the streets. Approval is easy enough, just write a check for $1000 to the homeowner's association as an "application fee". We don't go there, but another mobile groomer does.

    If YOU live in a HOA community, you most likely will not be able to park your van in front of your house overnight.
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      You are a service person like a plumber or carpenter. You were invited by the homeowner. You might get barked at for dumping water, though.
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        I have not had any problems at all. I only do a few places that have HOA though. I would think it wouldn't be any different than if you needed a plumber or landscaper, and I always see landscapers in those kinds of places.
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          At one condo I go to I have had to park next to the building blocking half the road. They haven't given me any issue. I have been there 2hrs & 15mins when I first started. Back then, 2yrs ago, I was driving around a full size truck with truck camper & working in that. I did have words all over it so people know I was grooming a dog. I have a van now & can park in a guest parking if one next to the curb is open (easier for me to get in & out with). For times like this I was thinking about getting cones like the cable company does. I just haven't done it yet.

          As long as your vehicle is marked with signs of who you are I don't think its a problem. I do remember one guy that built his mobile out of a motorhome, he had issues with the HOA's because he had a motorhome & they didn't allow them in the areas. He was told to paint the rig & remove all the rv logos etc. Crazy. For the most part we are treated like plumbers etc.

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            I don't know what other people have run into, but I've been doing this for almost 4 years now and I haven't had a single complaint about parking anywhere (condo complexes, housing developements, etc.)
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              Well that is what I thought, but the majority of my famiily, as I said, just does not get 'mobile'.
              They say, omg the gas alone will put you in the hole, and the wear and tear on the vehicle, you will spend all of your time driving around, and some places wont let you park there, and my favorite..who would pay that much to get a dog groomed!
              Ok, now I have been doing this (grooming, not mobile) for 21 years now. I think I know a little something about grooming, business, and have a good year to really plan for the mobile.
              I have a good thing going now, but my business is in my home, in a residential neighborhood (no HOA's here) small town usa. So far my neighbors do not complain. But...As anyone knows, w/a business you do lose a certain amount of privacy-put that in your home, and you lose a lot of privacy. Your home so you must be open 24-7.
              Then, I notice as I am cleaning my house, man there is a lot of hair that manages to find its way upstairs, not to mention I have been noticing a fine layer of dander.
              I think its one thing to work in it, but we are kinda living in it and after 10 years where the nooks and crannys get missed, its building up.
              Family thinks it will be stupid mistake because of course I have NO overhead being home based-I'm a full time groomer, I used expensive shampoo, I advertise, I have to buy equipment, I pay taxes...yep, no overhead whatsoever, lol.
              So I could rent a commercial space, pay rent, utilities, have to hire people, etc.. or take this one woman show on the road, lol. I have been dreaming about this for 2 years now, just wish more family/friends had more faith in me, would be kinda nice.
              Oh well, lol.
              Thank you all for the replies, I really appreciate it!