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New Client Cancelled: Her Message said She Is NOT Comfortable With The fact I Am

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  • New Client Cancelled: Her Message said She Is NOT Comfortable With The fact I Am

    Mobile! I never heard that before!, In fact as you know, people choose us because it is less stressful for the dog, convenient, etc. I left a message back saying I'd love to enlighten her, as I think she has many misconceptions. She lives in an appt but my generator can handle that. Yes, a few complain about the noise and still more the exhaust smell. Some even want me to NOT use my generator. That is not an option. I could not use my A/C or half my equipment plugging in. Some people think odd things, like we use the same water for each dog. How Odd, how do they think we rinse the shampoo out? I told her about my clipper vac that skims the fur and less likely to cause undertail irritation, convenience, no other dogs to intimidate a dog, etc. In fact mobile is growing in popularity by leaps and bounds. I wonder what she thinks. Even parking in an appt is no different than a mobile carpet cleaning service. She didn't answer her phone. I really would not take her now if I did convince her she is wrong about us. She sounds very uninformed and ( could be a potential nut case) Her voice sounds like she is in her 20s-30s. I also plan to buy a new carbon Monoxide detector today and have my exhaust pipe turned up away from the cement. Has Anyone Ever said Such A weird Thing To You?
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    Why in the world would she have booked an appointment in the first place? Some people are so loony?
    I saw the angel in the marble and carved until I set him free.


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      Just got the woman on the phone

      she said very abrubtly she cancelled because I said I would use a muzzle on her dog and she doesn't want her dog muzzled. Then she hung up. Bet she wouldn't like the Groomers Helper either. I am glad I found out her dog is a biter. If she goes to a vet, I bet they would also use a muzzle. I did use the Groomers' Helper today on a Westie who never let me do his nails before or dry his head. i got all nails done and dried his head too. However, his little sister Gracie was not going to let it happen and even a groomer friend came by to invite me to lunch and we could not get the muzzle on her and decided to not try the GH again. No one ever trims poor Gracies nails, not even the vet techs. They get one or two and she pees on herself and they stop Let' s NOT get into a discussion about muzzles. I use them if I need to and can get it on safely. That rude gal would probably want to be in the van and be picky about every little thing. Ba Bye rude person. Glad I dodged that BULLET! Oh, and she did say something about not liking mobile in her cancel message. Whatever........
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        Don't need her

        You do not need clients like this. You also mentioned in another post that you are booked far ahead, so it is time to make sure you are leaving room for you REALLY regulars (monthly or better), your 5-6 weekers, and then "qualifying" your newbies, perhaps by telling them that you accept only new clients who will be fitting in with your 1-6 week repeat scheduling.

        At least that's what I would be trying to do if I was booking so far ahead.


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          Thanks Debbiedogs

          That is a good idea. I find lately people just don't give much information about themselves or the dog. Examples are that some are just visiting here and are likely to never see me again. Some book three dogs because their mother came to visit with her dog but I think I have a new client with three dogs but it is only really two. Many live here part time and in April they go back to where it won't be so hot in the summer. Maybe they think I would not fit them in if I knew they are temporary. I don't mind, I just want to know. Thursday I had three Shih Tzus but one is the visiting moms' dog and that puppy was in heat, but no one told me and in fact they said she had been spayed. I hadn't even taken clippers or anything to her and there was evidance ((know what I mean) that clearly she was in her heat cycle. They were pleased with the grooms but did not book again. This as Spring break week, and the teen girls were there too.
          Everyone was pleased with the grooms but.....Have you ever had a teenager just be overly protective of their dog and want to come in the rig, and when you say no and why, Mom doesn't schedule the next groom? The teen finds something she doesn't like. Or says Groomer wasn't nice to the dog, or the dog acts up for nail trim and suddenly Ms Groomer is mean to Fluffy. Or fluffy doesn't look like the last time she was done. Teen isn't realistic about Fluffy being impossibly matted, cuz teen baths Fluffy often and air drys creating more matted fur. When can a groomer really communicate with a teen about her Precious Fluffy who should be renamed" Matted Poopy Butt -who- sleeps -with -Me."LOL


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            You are better off without this nut case, I promise you she would have been a real PITA. People think the oddest things about mobile. I have a client who I have groomed her dogs for about 5 years. She always INSISTED that her dogs have the first appt of the day, did not matter what day of the week, just had to be the first ones. I always thought it was so that she could be there for the appointment then leave to go to work or whatever she did during the day. Just recently I found out that she wanted her dogs first so they would get "the fresh water" for their baths. She thought I filled up my tub in the AM and washed every dog in that same water all day. EWWWWW!! I straightened her out on that one real quick....


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              Wow! I would thank God that she canceled. That is all you need is to get bitten by the rascal, ruin your grooming hand and forced to retire. That is what happened to another groomer in our area. But, I also know how you feel. Another better will come along.


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                puppy love, I have had people think the same thing.

                That is so stooooopid. How could you get the soap off? I had a woman ask " can you do a good job in such a small space? You don't need a lot of space for a tub, an electric table etc. Obviously, as there are how many mobile vans out there these days? Recently a woman asked if I bring any equipment or does she need to supply it ? I explained the custom rig. Many either think we don't or could not bathe a dog, or we need their water and electricity. I love my mobile grooming space.


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                  a simple fix

                  I cant help you with your customers knowledge, however I can help you with the smell of your generator.
                  There is a spray that you can get at most camper stores, they can order it if they dont have it. it is calld "4C" (yes thats really the name of it)I spray it in my generator every month when I change my oil. You just spay a couple of sprays into the carborator. (while its running) when you do step back the black smoke will come flying out of your tail pipe. this will save you on repairs and you dont have to pay the local generator repair person to decarb it. That is how you decarb your generator. I only use simple unleaded fuel in mine and the folks who make my unit said to use it and dont pay anyone to decarb it. I dont notice any foul odors coming from my generator. Hope this helps.
                  Remeber, for every customer that says no, there are many more that will say yes.
                  Hope this helps. Happy Grooming.


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                    Thanks Sparr

                    I am waiting for my gen guy to once again come and fix this dang thang! What with my Allie sick, I don't need more tears and stress. H, and recirc to work together, and they don't. I think he did use the "4C" first time he put it in. But I will buy some or ask him to use it.

                    What would we do without this forum? Between my dog and the gen, I might just loose a few lbs. One benefit anyway.


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                      Had to reply...

                      about the cooky customers....Had older gentleman call me about a week ago..." I have 2 Lab/Springer Spaniel mixes that need to be shaved down twice a year. Can you do this?" "Yes", I reply... "Can you tell me how much they weigh and when was the last time they were groomed?"..."Oh.. they are about 50lbs each" he replies....WELL... You all know the routine...we pulled up in the driveway...nowhere was there a 50lb dog...but 2 100lb...very hairy dogs...both could hardly walk they are so heavy....groomer goes to town on one...bather holds the other while I shave her on the floor of trailer..(I am injured and just driving right now)....takes us about 2 hours....let the dogs out...owner oooohhhhs and aaahhhs over them...we start to to leave...he comes out of his front door and wants to know why we bleached his dogs and why they have bleached spots on them......I try to explain that the discoloration happens when dogs have had sores, itchy spots, sunburn, etc. and will sometimes be blotchy under a very thick coat...."NO, THEY HAVE NEVER LOOKED LIKE THIS BEFORE"so my groomer explains the same thing to him....HE WOULD NOT OPEN THE FRONT GATE FOR US...... I asked him to call the groomer he has been using in the past and ask her about the spots....and then asked him if he really believed we would put bleach on his dog?
                      That was the craziest question I think I have ever had!!!

                      Cooky People!!!!!


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                        Did he think you used Chlorox or Clairol?

                        People are funny. Yeah, we drug em' bleach em and they might even bleed to death when we trim their nails too! That is why it is best to avoid a groom at all cost and let them grow for a year or more until maybe it gets so hairy you decide to take a risk.


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                          Alot of people have not heard of mobile. It is new to alot of places. But is becoming popular. When I explain it, especially to customers that have been driving a ways to get their pet groomed, they like it and can't wait until I am mobile. I think you will have people that like and will pay for it, just like there will be people who will not like it for every reason in the book and complain about the price.